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      A scarf for women as a casual accessory - charming and chic.

      Instead of necklaces, score points in summer and winter with trendy women's scarves that you can drape loosely around your shoulders or wrap warmly around your neck, depending on the weather. At FRAAS, you will find women's scarves in large and small sizes that will enrich your wardrobe with a variety of designs.

      From light and airy to cozy and warm:
      Which scarf for which season?

      When the temperatures drop outside, they make an appearance: warm, cozy scarves and shawls that protect you from the wind and weather. But even in summer, a women's scarf scores points as a casual Accessory- the material makes all the difference. At FRAAS we have a constantly changing range of women's scarves. Depending on the season, you will find products made from Cashmere, cotton,Silk,Wolle,Cashmink® and individual material blends.

      Summer scarves:

      In summer, women's scarves made from light and airy materials score highly. These include scarves made of breathable cotton, pleasantly cooling Linen scarves, noble Silk scarvesand scarves made of delicate viscose. Cotton is popular because it is easy to care for and feels pleasantly soft to wear, just like linen. Viscose shines as beautifully as silk, caresses with its lightness and is therefore the perfect summer companion.

      Winter scarves:

      In winter, you are better off choosing a scarf made of modal or wool. Modal is a slightly firmer version of viscose, which is suitable for people allergic to animal hair as it is made from a wood fiber. The silky, beautiful sheen of modal scarves makes them an eye-catcher on the décolleté, even in winter. Warmer, on the other hand, are Winter scarves made from hard-wearing and sustainable wool. This protects the sensitive neck area, especially on particularly cold days. If the Wool scarf is big enough for women, it can even be used as a cuddly blanket. They are particularly suitable for thisXXL scarves, as they are wider and longer than the usual models.

      And silk?

      It always works, because it is a high-quality favorite for a women's scarf. Its comfortable feel scores points regardless of the season. Thanks to its surprisingly warming properties - depending on the weather - a Silk scarf For women, many a gust of wind can't harm you. At the same time, silk is pleasantly cool in summer.

      Color trends and patterns:
      Safely through the colorful scarf jungle

      The trends in terms of color and pattern choices for women's scarves change monthly. Depending on your taste and the current season, sometimes plain and sometimes brightly patterned pieces end up in your shopping cart.

      Some colors and patterns can be found constantly in the FRAAS range: these include timeless colors such as off-white, beige, grey, blue in all its variations and black. You are sure to have at least one women's scarf in this color in your wardrobe - because the solid-colored all-rounders prove to be a sophisticated combination partner in everyday life and the office. Sometimes, however, you want to set a colorful accent with a women's scarf. Then go for eye-catching colors and choose a yellow, green, pink or red scarf.

      Monochrome scarves for women are too boring for you? No problem! When it comes to patterns, women's scarves leave nothing to be desired. Whether a subtle stripe or polka dot pattern, an opulent paisley design or a wild mix of patterns - women's scarves have many faces. The choice of scarf becomes exotic with a pattern that imitates animal fur or a floral bouquet on linen, cotton and silk. However, if you want something a little more subtle but still not boring, Fringed scarvescan also be a special eye-catcher.

      If you like it classic, but still want to see a pattern on your women's scarves, we recommend checks. They are elegant and always on trend. Especially in beige or camel, a check pattern or even a timeless Plaid scarfElegance.

      Everyday, office or special occasion? Women's scarves for every occasion

      Women's scarves are not only practical, but also the icing on the cake for any outfit. Depending on the length, pattern and size, you decide how much the scarf is in focus.

      In everyday life:

      Worn casually with jeans and a blouse, a scarf skillfully enhances an average everyday outfit without being obtrusive. In summer, thrown loosely over the shoulder, it replaces a light jacket.

      In the office:

      A women's scarf that is ready to hand also comes in handy when there is a cool draught in the office. It also adds a charming touch to a business outfit. How about a black scarf with a white blouse or a colorful paisley pattern as a soft contrast to a dark suit?

      As an eye-catcher:

      Whether it's an ethnic look or a graphic pattern, you'll effortlessly attract everyone's attention with cleverly designed women's scarves - especially in bright colors!

      FRAAS manufactures your quality women's scarves

      Before you buy a women's scarf, take a look at how it is made. At FRAAS, the best quality plays a decisive role here. We are only satisfied with the best - and you should be too. You can rely on FRAAS, because we manufacture far away from low-wage production and always offer our customers something special.

      FAQs about women's scarves

      Which women's scarves can I buy at FRAAS?

      Whether colorful or plain, with a check pattern or stripes, whether made of fine cashmere, easy-care polyacrylic or light silk, whether for a business appearance, a sporting event or simply to feel good all round in everyday life: If you are looking for a women's scarf, FRAAS is your first port of call! As a specialist in women's scarves, we offer you a women's scarf that Fits your wardrobe one hundred percent and Fits your style.

      For which seasons are FRAAS women's scarves suitable?

      FRAAS offers a wide range of women's scarvesFor every season. Our high-quality processed Cashmere scarvesProtect you from cold temperatures in winter with our Silk offers you can welcome spring in elegant style, and should it get really warm in summer, our cooling Women's linen scarves or airy viscose. And when autumn comes around again, cotton is the perfect material to combat the onset of cold weather in style.

      How can you style a women's scarf?

      A chic scarf offers two advantages: Itkeeps warm - and adds the icing on the cake to any outfit! Our products are absolute eye-catchers. You can wrap your FRAAS women's scarf around your neck in a variety of ways and with any outfit: over a cozy winter coat, with a classic business look, casually with jeans and boots or elegantly for an evening at the opera. And the best thing is: you don't have to be a fashion expert to style the scarvesperfect!

      How to tie women's scarves?

      There's no right or wrong way to tie women's scarves! However, some styles are particularly popular - e.g. the classic scarfloose around the neck to wrap and let the ends hang loosely over the shoulders at the front or the casual version with one end thrown over the back. Short scarves with side knots keep you just as warm as Loops or alsoRound scarves, where you loop the scarfcircular around the neck and hide the ends in the fabric. Open around the neckplaced, the women's scarf is less functional, but an absolute eye-catcher.