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Scarf wisdom from women who need to know

They create stunning designs, each season anew. In Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts, New York, Paris, Düsseldorf and Shanghai. They take their inspiration from the world's trade fairs. But of course they don't have the world to spare. We asked three of our designers to say something about the most beautiful accessory in the world - the scarf, of course. Whatever they can think of.

Here are their statements

Liane Fratipietro - Place of work: New York

"Our FRAAS brand has a clear signature, but should still be liked by all tastes and cultures."

Eva Vismann - Place of work: Wüstenselbitz/Helmbrechts

"Ideas come all by themselves. It's best if you don't even look for them. My creative kick? Whenever I smell paint or just see a painter's easel, it starts in my head. Funny, but that's how it is."

Yoyo Zhang - Place of work: Shanghai

"My work process? I make a design, I throw it away. I make another design, I throw it away. I make another design. I throw it away. I make another design - and I love it. At some point it will be perfect."



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