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      Since 2023, we at FRAAS have been licensed partners of the bugatti brand and stand out forMEN'S Headwear & Scarves. bugatti presents fashion for the here and now - urban, casual, uncomplicated. You can now buy bugatti hats, caps, flat caps, base caps and scarves in our online store - made in our own factories and those of our suppliers.

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      Men's accessories - chic and functional.

      Accessories for men are becoming increasingly popular in all age groups. Whether you're looking for sporty accessories for men or a simple way to brighten up your business outfit - with a Scarfor scarf, you can set excellent accents. You can find a wide range of eye-catching, subtle or elegant accessories for men in our online store. Choose according to your taste and your preferred wearing occasions. Even if you're not a fashion lover, you can still jump on the trend bandwagon with one or two men's accessories.

      Accessories for men who know what they want

      Long gone are the days when fashionable accessories were predominantly worn by women. The style-conscious gentleman not only reaches for gloves, scarves and the like for practical reasons: the fashion component is also becoming increasingly important. It is therefore not surprising that some men wear accessories such as a checked scarf or a stylish scarf in a distinctive pattern with their suit. With the men's accessories from the FRAAS online store, it won't be difficult for you to brighten up your wardrobe with a little splash of color.

      You will find at FRAAS:

      • Standard scarves
      • Webschals
      • Strickschals
      • Bedruckte Schals
      • Jacket scarves
      • Tücher
      • Mützen
      • Gloves

      Whether you want a single men's accessory or a complete set, FRAAS is the right place for you.

      Fashionable men's accessories from January to December

      Look forward to men's accessories in the online store that suit the different seasons.


      Just because the 30-degree mark has been cracked doesn't mean you have to do without your men's accessories! Men's scarves in light materials such as linen or viscose and men's shawls are accessories that will accompany you to a cozy barbecue evening in summer. We prefer light, friendly colors that can shine on sunny days.


      In autumn, you also reach for a hat to equip yourself for the cold season on the one hand and to find a stylish counterpart to your favorite scarf on the other. If you love long walks, protection against the wind and weather is just what you need - because sometimes the weather in September and October is as unpredictable as in April. Muted colors and earth tones are very popular in autumn. However, you can also turn your outfit into an eye-catcher with a bright color. When it comes to materials, go for warm wool or fine Cashmere scarves for men rather than light linen.


      Winter is the time to reflect and spend time with your family; and where our Cashmink® scarves make their grand entrance. These elegant accessories for men are made from a synthetic material similar to cashmere. It is characterized by its comfortable feel and the warming properties that you need, especially on snowy days. Winter accessories for men naturally also include gloves and cozy, warm hats, which you can coordinate with the scarves. Or you can be brave and go for a completely different design! Colors such as dark green or dark red, which are reminiscent of Christmas, are mainly used here.


      In spring, you can wear light and airy fashion accessories for men made of viscose, soft cotton or a polyester mix, for example. Here, bright colors are once again the trump card, making you feel like spring.

      A design for every occasion: This goes with men's fashion

      Fashion accessories for men are finding their way into every area of life. Especially for a special occasion, it can be a little more daring: How about a checked scarf in eye-catching colors that cleverly contrasts with a dark suit and serves as a tie substitute? Muted colors are also available for accessories for men's suits and are a suitable choice for men who don't like to stand out.

      In addition to elegant evening looks, casual looks in the men's world are also dominated by a little something different. The father of a family might wear a brightly patterned cap when playing ball outside with his children. The confident businessman combines elegant business accessories such as a dark blue or dark green scarf with a shirt and chino trousers. And the keen golfer? Of course, he won't go out on the course without his new favorite scarf, which not only looks good but also keeps him warm on cooler days. Exclusive accessories for men turn a boring everyday look into a sophisticated highlight without being obtrusive.

      Variety of colors and patterns: Discover men's accessories in the online store

      FRAAS scores with top-quality men's accessories. Most of these are manufactured in Germany and their elegant look makes them the perfect match for high-quality men's fashion. Accessories from FRAAS are a great gift for yourself or a fashion-conscious friend. Choose your favorite accessory in the men's store or put together a complete set right away.

      Matching gloves, scarf and hat to complete the outfit - that's something for real fashion professionals. Are you a little less talented? No problem, because at FRAAS you can also find complete sets to make your decision easy.

      FAQs on men's accessories

      Which men's accessories can I buy at FRAAS?

      Would you like to enhance your outfit with a high-quality accessory or add a casual touch to your leisure look? Then FRAAS is the right place for you! As an expert in accessories, you'll find an extensive selection of warm gloves and Men's hats for winter coats, elegant scarves for a business look or fashionable Men's scarves, loosely wrapped around the neck for a cool look at any party. FRAAS also has nicki scarves or men's accessories to match your jacket in its range.

      What are the advantages of men's accessories from FRAAS?

      AtFamily-run traditional companyFRAAS focuses on you: The entire range is manufactured to the highest quality standardshighest quality standards - from the selection of exclusively choice Materials to their perfect Workmanship to the variety of men's accessories. The durable products are also ideal as Gift ideas - and thanks to our fast and secure shipping, you will receive your order immediately and in the best condition. And thatfree shipping - with no minimum order value!

      How to wear men's accessories?

      The best thing about FRAAS men's accessories: You can use them to enhance your look from January to DecemberVisually enhance. It's not just the fashionable variety of men's scarves, shawls, men's gloves and the like, which cater for every occasion from casual everyday wear to festive evening events and business appointments, that is impressive. Men's accessories from FRAAS also impress with their high quality, which will not only give you years of pleasure your fashionable look, but also warm hands in cold temperatures or on balmy summer eveningsComfortable to wear guaranteed by light and airy scarves.

      What materials are FRAAS men's accessories made of?

      Enjoy not only our high-quality workmanship, but also finest fabrics! We offer men's accessories made from both pure cashmere and our patented Cashmink® material: a synthetic material similar to real cashmere - idealSuitable for vegans and anyone who appreciates a mix of high-qualityComfort andWarming properties in their men's accessory! Of course, you will also find men's linen scarves, scarves made of viscose or silk and gloves made of soft cotton or a chic polyester mix in the extensive FRAAS range.

      For which seasons are men's accessories from FRAAS suitable?

      Purely functional men's accessories to avoid a scratchy neck with a men's scarf in winterscratchy neck or thanks to matching gloves while jogging in the cold fall airnot getting cold fingers, are a thing of the past. You can wear FRAAS men's accessories all year round! Create a visual highlight with a nickel tuck-in scarf in a black jacketVisual highlight, enhance your sporty summer outfit with a casual men's scarf made of light viscose wrapped around your neck or attract everyone's attention at a festive opera premiere with a colour-coordinated cashmere scarf.