is no coincidence

"It takes intelligence and willpower to make something better."

We like to adorn ourselves with scarves,

but rather not with other people's feathers: The quote above is not from us, but from the British writer John Ruskin. The "thing" that we are constantly striving to improve consists of many parts: six million scarves produced every year. And despite this mass, you can feel the special quality of our products in every fiber.

Our cashmere goats do not come from Upper Franconia, but from Mongolia. The distances for processing are short there and the nights are nice and cold. Cold has a positive effect on cashmere. There are a total of 20 subtypes of goat - and they all have one thing in common: the goat's undercoat is one of the finest and most expensive animal hairs of all. No wonder scarves made from this wool are so sought-after: The softness of genuine cashmere is unsurpassed, and its heat retention properties are excellent considering its light weight.

Since 1985, however, the goats have had some serious competition: a synthetic material patented by us called Cashmink®. It is just as soft as cashmere, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and silky and shiny.

No need for jealousy drama! Both materials are fully justified. Cashmink® is also attractively priced. They are both beautiful to look at and touch.



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