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      The stole is the all-rounder among accessories - warming, decorative and can be worn in many different ways.

      With a width of 65 to 90 cm, you can drape the FRAAS stole stylishly around your shoulders or wrap it around your neck like a scarf. Light viscose and fine silk gently caress the skin, while a wool stole keeps you pleasantly warm without being bulky.

      From cashmere to silk - materials for a comfortable feel

      A feather-light women's stole made of silk, modal or a warming wool stole: the materials used in FRAAS stoles are the result of state-of-the-art manufacturing and finishing processes. With our patented Cashmink® fiber, we even surpass nature: stoles made of Cashmink® are softer, warmer and finer than all natural materials.

      A stole made of cotton or skin-friendly modal is ideal for an active lifestyle. With breathable natural fibers such as linen and an easy-care women's stole made of fine viscose, you are just as perfectly equipped in the office as you are on the terrace or in a restaurant. When it gets cooler in the evening, simply drape the versatile accessory over your shoulders and give your outfit that certain something. In summer, a lightweight silk stole is a cool eye-catcher and enhances any dress.

      Warming favorite - the wool stole

      A FRAASWool stole is a little luxury. If you want to buy a particularly soft and warm stole that also looks stylish, a wool stole is just the thing for you. Whether in versatile solid colors, in a paisley print or decorated with sparkling stones - the wool stole gently caresses your shoulders and also keeps your neck warm when wrapped in a scarf. A wool stole regulates heat perfectly without losing its wonderful lightness.

      More than checks and stripes - the patterns of our women's stoles

      Never get bored with a FRAAS women's stole. In addition to plain-colored stoles for women, our portfolio includes a variety of classic and trendy patterns. Striped patterns and plaid stoles go perfectly with casual outfits, but also with a business dress and blazer. Do you like flowers? Choose a floral print and buy a stole that will be a stylish and feminine eye-catcher in your wardrobe. A stole in a paisley print will give your outfit a timeless and light look. Our embroidered stoles and accessories with animal fur patterns guarantee a special look. Why buy just one stole?

      Subtle to intense - the colors of women's stoles

      Whether subtle beige or grey, bright red or classic black - you can round off your look with a stole for women in a wide variety of colors. While cream tones give you an elegant look, soft pink or blue add a fresh touch to your outfit. A multi-colored stole is the perfect complement to a simple dress or dark business blazer. At FRAAS, you can get this must-have piece in an infinite variety of colors.

      Casual or chic - the right FRAAS stole for every occasion

      The stole is a wonderfully uncomplicated companion, suitable for daytime and evening use, fashionable and warming at the same time. For a casual look, combine a women's stole with stripes or a paisley print; our styles with colorful graphic prints and woven-in metallic fibers are perfect as a stole with a jumpsuit. The stole made of silk or semi-transparent materials is the preferred choice for elegant evening wear. If you would like to buy a stole for festive occasions, you will find an elegant stole for a cocktail dress and ball gown as well as a delicate stole for a wedding dress and a stylish stole for a dirndl.

      Just like cardigans and Ponchos Stoles have an impact on your silhouette. It's not so much the accessory itself that matters, but the way you tie the stole:

      • tied around the neck like a scarf
      • loosely draped over the shoulders
      • tied in a knot to form a bolero
      • draped over one shoulder only in the Grace Kelly look

      The perfect stole for an evening dress

      It could hardly be more elegant: a delicate FRAAS stole made of silk, viscose, acrylic or polyester gently hugs the shoulders and, thanks to its softly flowing drape, goes just as well with an evening dress as it does with an elegant jumpsuit. A stole in the same color as your dress, laid loosely over the shoulders, has a visually stretching effect. Choose a semi-transparent stole and allow a glimpse of your shoulders. If you order a stole decorated with Swarovski stones, you are sure to make a dazzling entrance.

      FRAAS ladies' stoles - textile craftsmanship with tradition

      Weaving, knitting, coloring: At FRAAS, we love textile craftsmanship. At the same time, we are convinced that when you buy a high-quality FRAAS stole, you are also entitled to efficient and state-of-the-art production. With almost ten million scarves and stoles a year, there is no other way. That is why, in addition to our traditional production facilities in Wüstenselbitz, Franconia, we also manufacture in Zhangjagang, China. A few years ago, we built our own knitting factory there, naturally to German standards.

      In addition to our local specialist stores, FRAAS offers you the opportunity to buy your women's stole online. A large selection and fast, secure shipping make buying a stole online particularly convenient. Simply order your stole at the click of a mouse, select your preferred payment method - and your new stole will be delivered directly to your door in just a few days.

      FAQs about the stole

      Which stoles can you buy from FRAAS?

      The FRAAS range of women's stoles offers you a wide selectionanSizes, colors andMaterials. In addition to plain-colored stoles ranging from muted beige to bright shades, you can choose from various patterns such as animal or floral prints - and if you like it sparkly, go for our models with Swarovski stones. Even with lengthandwidth you have the choice, and in addition to well-known fabrics such as viscose or silk, we have our unique Cashmink fiber for you in our range. AlsoWedding stoles are becoming increasingly popular, as they elegantly round off any bridal outfit and, depending on the material and wearing style, keep you warm.

      How to wear a stole?

      You can simply wear your FRAAS women's stoleloosely around your shoulders - enjoy a balmy summer evening on the terrace or choose a silk stole for an evening appearance and leave the unique fabric to its natural flowing drape. Of course, you can also wear your stole like a Ladies scarf wrap around your Neck or on a Beach day over your bikini tie around your torso.

      How long should a stole be?

      There is no set size for a stole; the standard dimensions arebetween 160 and 200 cm in length; and - as with FRAAS stoles - at a width of 65 to 90 cm. Thanks to the variable lengths and diverse styles, you can make this popular women's accessory look any way you want. While particularly long stoles can also be tied as a dress, the slightly shorter versions are also suitable as an alternative to Shawl or scarf.

      How do you wear a stole with a dress?

      Whether thelight summer versionor theelegant ball gown: A FRAAS ladies' stole adds the finishing touch to any dressfinishing touch. Depending on the style, a stole covers the desired areas of skin on off-the-shoulder dresses as a special extra. On the dance floor, you can secure your stole by pulling it once through the straps of your dress and knotting it loosely together. Place one corner on the opposite corner to create a triangle that you can bring together in front of your chest and secure with a brooch.