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      Knitted hat for women - fashionable, practical and trendy

      For a long time, knitted hats were seen as an exclusive winter accessory that was worn to defy the cold. Of course, knitted hats for women are still ideal for this today, but they are much more than just the ideal companion on cold days.

      Knitted hat for women - cozy selection at FRAAS

      CozyWarm knitted hats for women are a popular accessory in winter. Not only do they keep you warm, they are also practical on bad hair days. In no time at all, unruly hair disappears under the women's knitted hat gray and the outfit for the day is perfect. Knitted hats for women have become a trend again in recent years. In the hat store you will find a large selection of numerous styles in different colors and designs - whether colorful, with a bobble, with a ribbed structure or with earflaps. Knitted hats are available for every taste and every need.

      Discover the FRAAS range of knitted hats for women and find your new favorite accessory!

      What different women's knitted hats are available?

      Go with the trend and choose from the wide range of women's knitted hats. The modern winter hats are not only available in different colors and materials, but different types of knitwear also provide variety. You can choose from knitted hats made of cotton, cashmere, polyacrylic, polyester, viscose and wool. Enjoy a pleasant feel and a high level of comfort with the high-quality materials. They all provide excellent warmth and also look very stylish. They are easy to care for and comfortable to wear. The knitted styles effectively contribute to the look. Choose between playful hats with a cable knit or ribbed structure or opt for an elegant nuance with large or fine knit. Great knitted hats for women - treat yourself or give FRAAS accessories to your loved ones as a gift!

      Which knitted hats for women can you buy at FRAAS?

      The range of knitted hats at FRAAS is very diverse. The models differ in terms of pattern, color and material. So you are guaranteed to find the right winter accessory for every need. Whether cotton, wool blends or cashmere, the knitted hats from FRAAS are of the highest quality. This makes the hats durable, easy to care for and comfortable to wear. Convince yourself of the wide range of women's knitted hats from FRAAS.

      Cute women's knitted hats with bobble

      Women's knitted hat with bobble is available in several color combinations. They are made from a wool blend, which ensures a perfect fit. The women's knitted hat with bobble goes perfectly with a casual look, but is also ideal for combining with a business outfit.

      Knitted hats for women in all kinds of colors

      The weather is dreary and dreary in the cold season. FRAAS knitted hats for women, on the other hand, bring color to life. Escape the grey winter with Women's knitted hats in a wide range of colors. A colorful knitted hat for women with light or dark color combinations quickly becomes an eye-catcher. Single-coloured winter knitted hats for women are perfect for combining with colourful clothing.

      Trendy knitted beanie hats for women

      Beanie hats are on trend. With a Beanie knitted hat ladies you can combine two trends and be seen. The pleasantly soft material of the women's knitted hat in beanie style ensures optimum comfort. This type of women's knitted hat without a bobble ensures pleasant warmth even on the coldest days.

      The beret - the classic knitted hat for women

      The classic knitted beret for women goes with elegant outfits as well as everyday wear. A black knitted beret goes well with a light-colored top, while the red knitted beret for women is perfect for a festive occasion.

      The knitted headband - Sustainability Edition

      With a Sustainability Edition knitted headband for women, your ponytail or messy bun will always stay in top shape. The headbands are extremely modern and super practical. Similar to a cap, women's knitted headbands go perfectly with a sporty outfit. As a lightweight knitted hat for women, this is also a fashionable accessory in spring and autumn.

      Women's knitted hats in different knit types

      Knitted hats in chunky knit give you a certain sportiness, while fine knit looks more business-like. Smooth knit hats, on the other hand, are also suitable for more elegant occasions. FRAAS also offers knitted hats for women with a cable knit or ribbed structure.

      How to combine knitted hats for women?

      The combination possibilities for knitted hats are virtually limitless. The warming hats are ideal for the cold season, but can also be worn as a fashion accessory in spring and fall. Light colors look very elegant when worn with dark clothing. Combine a white knitted hat for women with a dark winter coat or choose the knitted hat and scarf set for women to be perfectly equipped for the cold. The women's colourful knitted hat brings color to your everyday wardrobe.

      How to care for women's knitted hats properly?

      Material and color are very important for the proper care of women's knitted hats. Cotton knitted hats for women can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. However, the temperature should not be set too high to protect the material and colors. To avoid damaging the color, shape and material of cashmere or wool knitted hats, you should soak them by hand at low temperatures and rinse them thoroughly. Rubbing and rubbing will damage the fibers and cause matting. To dry, pull the knitted hat into shape and lay it on a towel. Sun, heating or the dryer are an absolute no-no.

      FRAAS - Your one-stop shop for knitted hats for women & more

      At FRAAS you will find an extensive range of knitted hats for women and numerous other accessories for him and her. With scarves, shawls or gloves, you have the perfect combination options for your hats for every occasion. All FRAAS accessories are made from high-quality materials and are guaranteed to give you many years of pleasure. Customers have been appreciating the quality of our Made in Germany products since 1880. Thanks to the large selection, there is something for everyone. Free shipping and returns within Germany simplifies online shopping, as you can order, try and see the benefits of FRAAS accessories for yourself without any risk.

      → Cozy and warm through the cold season with knitted hats for women from FRAAS - we look forward to your purchase!


      Which knitted hats for women can you buy at FRAAS?

      At FRAAS you will find many different knitted hats. Choose a thin women's knitted hat for beautiful winter days or cover your head in freezing cold weather with a warmly lined thick women's knitted hat. At FRAAS you can buy women's knitted hats, with bobble, without bobble, in many colors, as a beanie or beret.

      How to combine knitted hats for women?

      Women's knitted hats can be perfectly combined with most winter outfits. Colourful women's knitted hats go very well with plain-coloured clothing, while you can also combine your colorful wardrobe with the white or beige women's knitted hat.

      How to care for women's knitted hats properly?

      Women's knitted hats are best washed by hand at low temperatures. To dry them, place them on a towel, avoiding the sun, heating and tumble dryers.