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      Pashmina - elegant scarf made of soft cashmere

      These elegant scarves are made of cashmere or silk. TheElegant and fine pashminaScarves enhance any outfit with their elegant and high quality. The mostly elongated and large Shawls resemble a Pashmina Stole. Pashmina is a trade name and not a material specification.

      The accessories can be worn in a variety of ways, as a loose scarf around the neck, knotted or as a wide shawl. Pashminas celebrated their fashion revival in Europe in the mid-1990stheir fashion revival. Today, they are still popular accessories that suit every occasion.

      What is a pashmina?

      The pashmina comes from the Persian word pashm, which translates as wool. The original pashmina shawl was made from cashmere. The wool comes from the Changra goat, which is native to the Middle East. This fine wool for Kashmir and pashmina is obtained by combing out the down. There are now also Pashminas made from other fabrics.

      How do you recognize a real pashmina?

      There is actually no fixed term. Any fabric can be called a pashmina. The label provides a clear explanation. Manufacturers must state the exact material. Only genuine pashmina is still made from cashmere today.

      The most popular colors at a glance:

      • Pashmina shawl pink
      • Pashmina scarf colorful
      • Pashmina black
      • Pashmina scarf white
      • Pashmina Scarf Blue
      • Pashmina Scarf Red
      • Pashmina Green
      • Pashmina Gold

      Let yourself be enchanted by an exclusive andCuddly soft pashmina scarf and experience the pleasant feeling on your skin.

      How to tie a pashmina scarf

      Thanks to the comfortable size, there are various possibilities to create aPashmina fashionably attractive and effectively set the scene. The elegant pattern of the fabrics promises an exclusive variety of combinations and suits every type of clothing from casual to classic chic. These scarves should always be tied loosely to emphasize or conceal the right proportions.

      The trendy pashmina wearing options

      • A pashmina canlike a stole be worn directly over the shoulders. This adds even more elegance to an outfit.
      • In strong winds, thePashmina as a shawl tied. This is also recommended for a relaxing drive in a convertible or a stroll through town.
      • One of the classics is theTypical pashmina knot. To do this, the scarf is folded in the middle, then placed around the neck and pulled through the loop at the end.
      • The pashmina can be loosely wrapped around the neckas Scarfwear. The materials are comfortable on the skin and fall easily over clothing.
      • Buy onePashmina Wedding stole or an exclusive pashmina cashmere scarf. Benefit from the extravagant patterns and styles.

      Basically, there are many different ways to wear the pashmina, which you can choose to match your look. The focus in the FRAAS online store is on a high-quality and elegant pashmina cashmere scarf that can be perfectly matched to any look.

      The high-quality pashmina scarves and shawls from FRAAS add a stylish touch to any outfit!

      The right care for a pashmina scarf

      Cashmere is one of the most exclusive and precious fabrics. Special care is required to preserve the color and pattern of the pashmina for a long time. Silk, wool or cashmere and combinations of these materials are delicate natural fibers that wrinkle easily.

      It is advisable to wrap the pashmina in a dry towel immediately after hand washingwrap in a dry towel and knead very carefully to thoroughly but gently press the moisture out of the fibers. The pashmina is then laid flat on a clothes rack.

      It is not advisable to hang up the scarves. The delicate fibers and fabrics could warp. The exclusive pashmina shawls should Dry gently and carefully.

      Wash the pashmina scarf

      Keep in mind that pashmina shawls are made of delicate cashmere wool and should therefore only bewashed at a maximum of 30 degrees. It is best to clean the pashmina scarf by hand washing.

      Never leave the pashmina in water and then remove the excess moisture. You should not wring out a pashmina to avoid destroying the fine textures. The fine fabrics dry particularly gently in the air.

      Remove Pashmina Shawl Knots

      The small knots are caused by friction in the Pashmina. It is best to remove the knots immediately after washingCarefully by hand. In this way, you ensure that the pashmina looks like new for a long time. Take special care with the precious Cashmere and silk, then you will enjoy a pashmina scarf from FRAAS for a very long time.

      Buy high-quality pashmina from FRAAS

      At FRAAS you benefit froma large selection of pashminas for women. You can be sure that all pashminas in the online store are made of 100% finest cashmere. The Signature Collection from Pashmina in particular impresses with its elegant colors and supple fabrics that are light on the skin. Thisluxurious stole is suitable for any occasion andavailable in different colors available.

      Be inspired by the beautiful pashminas with theFRAAS Plaid. Typical for FRAAS is the unmistakable plaid pattern, which is available in various colors and combinations. These scarves are comfortable to wear and round off any look. Don't hesitate and discover the adaptable pashminas in the FRAAS online store!

      Pashmina - Made in Germany by FRAAS

      In the wide-ranging assortment you will find various pashminas that you can customize to Your personal look and any outfit. The pashmina is one of our most exclusive scarves and shawls. The online store offersa huge selection of fashionable accessories, such as stoles, triangular scarves, summer scarves or loops, ponchos and hats.

      FRAAS is a traditional company that moves with the times. Since 1880, the company has relied on Sustainability and high quality and can therefore fully meet the demands of its customers. FRAAS focuses on sustainability in its manufacturing and distribution processes. Accordingly, resources are conserved in the production of pashminas, waste is avoided and the Environment protected.

      Choose fromthe different payment methods and complete your order on account, by credit card, PayPal or Amazon Pay. Every parcel is sent within Germanyfree shipping and arrives at the desired address within a very short time with the shipping partner DHL. This is also accompanied by free and uncomplicated return shipping.

      Let yourself be enchanted by our wide rangecolorful pashminas, which can be tied or knotted individually. They blend perfectly with any outfit and set new fashion accents at the same time.