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The silk scarf - light, elegant and timelessly chic

The silk scarf is a very feminine accessory. While men are usually content with pocket squares made from this precious material, silk scarves are one of the most popular companions for women - all year round. Accentuate your femininity with a timeless classic in the Grace Kelly style or combine the silk scarf with your casual outfit in a colorful and casual way.

Royal origin of silk scarves?

Silk scarves are made from ultra-fine fibers obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm. This valuable raw material was already being used in China 5,000 years ago to make imperial robes. Today, the royal feeling of wearing a silk scarf is far more affordable. Thanks to highly technical finishing processes, FRAAS silk scarves are light and airy, robust and weatherproof. In summer they cool the skin pleasantly, in winter a silk scarf is comfortably warm. With a silk scarf, you are buying a piece of luxury for every day.

Silk scarves in classic and new patterns

The silk scarf for women is a real all-year classic. Floral prints and paisley patterns combine timeless elegance with trendy accents. Thanks to their subtle patterns, silk scarves are ideal for combining with casual jeans or a business outfit with an elegant blazer. The edges of many models are hand-rolled - in the style of traditional craftsmanship. Geometric patterns, fresh graphic prints and stripes make silk scarves for women the must-have of the season. Choose your favorite pattern in the silk scarf store and style your own look!

Silk scarves for women in distinctive colors

When we think of a silk scarf for men, we usually think of silk scarves in black and silk scarves in red. Women's scarvesare much more colorful. Silk scarves in blue or a silk scarf in gray are a subtle addition to the business style. But why not go for more color? A soft pink silk scarf emphasizes your feminine side, while a pink silk scarf gives you a fresh look.

Silk scarves in orange are the perfect summer accessory. Shine like the sun in a yellow silk scarf or give your outfit a fresh touch with a silk scarf in turquoise. The subtle look of a beige silk scarf makes it easy to combine, for example with the trendy nude look. Would you like to buy a silk scarf to make a fashion statement? A purple silk scarf will make you a fashion highlight. Trendy key piece: a delicate silk scarf in brown.

Tie, lay and knot silk scarf

While the men's silk scarf is usually presented in a standard size, silk scarves for women come in a wide variety of formats. The options for tying a silk scarf are just as varied.

  • Wear the silk scarf casually and tie the ends loosely around your neck.
  • You can creatively tie FRAAS narrow scarves into a bow and wear them casually around your head.
  • Or opt for a maxi-sized silk scarf that you can drape around your shoulders like a stole.
  • Soften the strict dress code and tie silk scarves to a ladies' tie.

Silk scarves are very versatile. Wear a silk scarf casually with a blazer or combine this precious piece with a jumpsuit and stilettos. Colorful prints go perfectly with casual outfits, while a shiny silk scarf in black or beige adds an elegant touch to your evening wear. In a mix of stripes, the silk scarf goes perfectly with both your business outfit and a sporty casual dress.

Washing the silk scarf - here's how

Whether a ladies' or men's silk scarf: FRAAS silk scarves are woven and dyed using state-of-the-art processes. You can clean your elegant accessory by hand in lukewarm water, just like high-quality lingerie. To wash the silk scarf, first lather up some silk detergent in your hands and massage it carefully into the scarf. Finally, rinse well with lukewarm water. Colorfast silk scarves will shine again after a care rinse with vinegar (2 tablespoons per liter of water). To dry, hang the silk scarf up dripping wet. Please do not wring out.

Where are FRAAS silk scarves made?

The fascination of FRAAS silk scarves is certainly also due to the fact that our manufacturing and finishing processes offer an almost unlimited variety of shapes. The silk scarves and shawls are given their bright, intense colors in our in-house dyeing plant in Upper Franconia. The silk fibers still come from real silkworms. If you want to offer exceptional quality, you can't skimp on the raw material. In return, you will enjoy a FRAAS silk scarf for many years to come.

Buy a FRAAS silk scarf online

Have you already found your favorite scarf? Or would you like to look around first? Then our silk scarf store is the right place for you. Here you can quickly buy a silk scarf online and pay conveniently by Paypal, credit card or Amazon Pay. We deliver your order free of shipping costs within Germany. If you buy a silk scarf to make a loved one happy, we will of course also pack the silk scarf in a beautiful Gift box.

FAQs on silk scarves

Which silk scarves can you buy at FRAAS?

The high-quality silk scarves from FRAAS impress with their pleasant,cuddly material and a great look. You can obtain the beautiful silk scarves from us in various Colors and with different Patterns. The range also offers various Sizes and Shapes for the Scarves. Choose a single-colored silk scarf as a real all-rounder for your wardrobe. To create a statement look, we offer models in modern colors and unusual patterns. The silk scarves from FRAAS always focus on the best quality and a high-quality finish.

How do I tie a silk scarf correctly?

A silk scarf always falls due to the materialsupple and looks great. You can therefore tie these beautiful scarves in many different ways. A classic is the simple knot with long ends. A square scarf is particularly suitable for this. Wear the silk scarf loosely over your shoulders to round off a light summer outfit. In the Cold winter monthsThe silk scarf serves as a warming Accessory, it is worn tightly around the neck and tucked under the collar of shirts or blouses. Large silk scarves from FRAAS are wonderful for rounding off an beautiful evening outfit.

How much does a silk scarf from FRAAS cost?

With our comprehensive range of silk scarves, we at FRAAS want to offer you a First-class selection at low prices. FRAAS silk scarves are high quality and affordable - we often offer silk scarves in the SALE. So you can find a beautiful silk scarf to suit every season any budget. But even outside the SALE offers, you can get our goods at a very good price-performance ratio. This makes every purchase a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe. You can also use the silk scarves from our online store as a Gift.

How to wear a silk scarf?

Thanks to the material, silk scarves enhance every outfit and make it a great highlightgreat highlight. Find silk scarves at FRAAS that can be combined with a variety of looks. Wear the elegant scarves to round off a Classic office style. Combine the pretty silk scarves with a casual outfit for a stroll through town or add a timeless accent to a casual look. Of course, silk scarves are also suitable for enhancing your Evening wear. FRAAS silk scarves are popular with men and women who are looking for a timeless accessory for their wardrobe.

How to wash a silk scarf?

The high-quality material should only be washedcleaned by hand. To do this, wash the silk scarves in warm water. The water should be not warmer than 30 °C. If not absolutely necessary, it is best to avoid adding soap or detergent altogether. It is often sufficient to add a little fabric softener to the water. Remove stubborn stains with a special Gentle detergent. To dryLay out flat and do not put in the dryer. If necessary, iron the scarf on the lowest setting to smooth it out.