Of goats and New York City

There is a theory that no matter where you travel, you always take yourself with you. We believe that is true.

At the beginning of our journey into the wide world was our home, Wüstenselbitz

Today, more than 140 years later, our sales meetings in the small Upper Franconian town sound like an international menu: Korean, Indian, Chinese, Spanish and 20 other languages are spoken. Because our employees are spread all over the world.

In Zhangjiagang in China is our newest, modern production facility, which we are as proud of as our employees.

Our cashmere goats live in freezing Mongolia, where they prefer a sub-zero climate to cozy temperatures.

When we talk about Canada, sorry, we always get a bit sentimental: we conquered North America from Toronto.

Oh yes, and then there's our huge logistics center in Plattsburgh in the USA.

We also have an office in New York City, formerly on the 46th floor of the Empire State Building, now near Bryant Park.



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