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      Women's hat, headband, gloves and scarf for winter - mix & match.

      As the cold season approaches, individual style is often prioritized over the comfort of warm clothing. But this is not necessary. With a hat and scarf set from FRAAS, you can create your very own look without sacrificing functionality.

      With Mix & Match, you can combine a hat or headband, gloves and scarf for women in a uniform style. The high-quality accessories from FRAAS can be selected uniformly by color or knit type, for example, or combined as the mood takes you - mix and match: whatever you like goes together. Worn together, they round off every outfit perfectly. Our extensive range offers models in many designs, colors and styles. So it's child's play to find a scarf, glove and hat or headband set that's exactly to your taste.

      Discover the FRAAS range now and order your mix and match set for women quickly and easily online.

      Buy mix and match accessories for women - what range does FRAAS offer?

      The FRAAS range offers well-known classics and modern styles. You can choose from different materials for the hats in the set:

      • Cashmere
      • Wool
      • Synthetic fiber
      • Wool blends

      All products have a high-quality finish and are designed to last. Even if the hats or scarves get damp, they will not lose their fit. Care depends on the material. Cashmere hats should be washed by hand at a low temperature. Wool blend fabrics can be machine washed at 30 °C without any problems. Do not put the hats and scarves for women in the dryer.

      Enjoy a great selection of colors

      Of course, you can also discover a hat and scarf set in different colors at FRAAS. From modern mustard yellow to fresh turquoise and versatile black: there is something for every taste. If you opt for a basic set in a subtle color such as black, white or grey, individual pieces in bright colors can be wonderfully combined with it.

      FRAAS guarantees that you can put together your individual hat and scarf set for women.

      Scarves in great variety

      Of course, FRAAS also offers a large selection of scarves from the sets. Various materials are also available for the soft and warming scarves. These include cashmere, wool and a range of material blends.

      The styles vary not only in terms of colors and designs. The way they are made also gives each scarf its very own look. Coarsely knitted models are particularly popular. There are also finely knitted scarves and offers with a soft, smooth surface.

      The wide range of colors offers the opportunity to shop according to your personal preferences. Whether you are looking for a fiery red scarf with a print or a simple model for everyday wear - FRAAS offers beautiful scarves and hats in sets.

      Warm through the winter - other winter accessories from FRAAS

      Round off your set with other winter products:

      • Gloves
      • Stirnbänder
      • Loops
      • And much more

      So you can put together a scarf, hat, glove set for women without any problems. The varied range allows you to create playful sets for leisure time as well as an elegant set for everyday office wear. Ideal for underlining your personality with a unique wardrobe.

      What are the advantages of a FRAAS women's hat and scarf set?

      At FRAAS, you get high quality directly from the manufacturer. We stand for many years of tradition and high-quality materials. Our products are designed to give you long-lasting pleasure and impress with their quality and style. As the entire product range is perfectly coordinated, you can ensure a perfect appearance at all times with your hat and scarf set for women.

      The sets of gloves, scarf and hat are also a wonderful gift for Christmas or a birthday. Surprise with a modern hat and scarf set for women in mustard yellow or go for a classic look in black and gray. Either way, you can easily make the recipient very happy.

      This way, women can stay warm and fashionable through the cold season at the same time.

      Women's hat and scarf set from FRAAS - discover online now

      Benefit from our family tradition with many years of expertise. Receive top quality directly from the manufacturer with every order. The offer is rounded off by a comprehensive selection.

      Each order is completed with just a few clicks. We offer you the choice between several payment options such as PayPal, AmazonPay or credit card payment. Secure and fast shipping with DHL ensures that your order will be in your hands within a few days.

      Use the beautiful scarf and hat sets for women to cut a really good figure at any time this winter.