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      Tubular scarf from FRAAS - your fashionable accessory and practical companion

      Are you looking for a fashionable accessory that is also highly functional? With a tube scarf, you are well equipped for any season. The tube scarf should not be missing in any closet, because it impresses with its practical functions and is a fashionable and practical necklace for men and women.

      This round, close-fitting scarf can be tied around the neck once or several times. You can find it in many designs and for every taste. It offers a variety of possible combinations and uses. The use of different materials makes it possible to find a suitable Round scarf for every weather situation and every occasion.

      Tubular scarf - what wearing options are there?

      One reason why the tubular scarf is so popular for men and women is the variety of ways it can be worn. It keeps you warm on chilly days or complements an individual outfit. So whether you want to wear it as a fashion accessory or to protect yourself from the cold, the tube scarf is always the right choice. Wear the scarf in these beautiful variations, among others:

      As a stylish scarf: Wear the scarf in winter against the cold or in summer as an elegant eye-catcher. It is even suitable for an evening outfit.

      Shoulder scarves as shoulder warmers: Simply pull the scarf over your shoulders for cozy warmth. In summer, a thin version protects the skin from direct sunlight.

      Wear scarves as a hood: Simply place the scarf over your head and wear it as a casual hood. This provides excellent protection from wind and rain.

      Top made from a tube scarf: The tube scarf can simply be pulled over the upper body and serves as a comfortable top on hot days or on the beach. Of course, the material and size must allow for this.

      Functional and practical use: Many people use tighter tube scarves to wear as face masks. Ideal for motorcycling, sports or a windy day at the beach.

      Tubular scarf for women

      An elegant tubular scarf enhances any style because it is compatible with any outfit. Whether you prefer a casual look or are looking for a great accessory to round off a business look, the tube scarf offers many possibilities.

      The different ways of wearing it mean that the style combinations are seemingly endless. FRAAS offers a large selection of different patterns, materials and colors. Models with floral patterns made of lightweight material are very popular. These are ideal for rounding off a light summer outfit. But a thin Round scarf can also be a practical companion in the transitional period with mild temperatures. ThickWool scarves Knitted scarves should definitely not be missing from your winter wardrobe.

      Tubular scarf for men

      Men can wear the tubular scarf orLoop scarf also perfectly underline their individual style. A model for men in muted, classic colors is suitable for a stylish, unagitated look in everyday life or at work. Bold colors with unusual patterns are the right choice to add a special touch to any outfit. If the tube scarf is to be used as a face mask or for sports, it should be close-fitting and easy to pull over the face.

      The modern FRAAS range offers the fashion-conscious man a large selection of tube scarves in many colors and various materials.

      Which material should I choose for a tube scarf?

      The tube scarves are available in various materials. Due to the different possible uses, the occasion and the season determine which material should be chosen.

      Tubular scarves for cold winter days:On cold days, warm materials such as cotton and knitwear are of course suitable to protect you from the cold. The thick Wool scarves can be wonderfully combined with both modern and classic items of clothing. Women and men can choose from many models in cozy, wintery colors. The wool scarves are slightly softer and smoother than the knitted versions. They fit comfortably around the neck and also keep the wind out very well.

      Tubular scarf for warm summer days: To enjoy a beautiful as well as functional accessory on the warm days of the year, lightweight tube scarves made of polyester or silk are suitable. Use them to create colorful accents and enhance a simple outfit in no time at all. Simple colors such as white or grey round off an elegant evening outfit. With a tube scarf from FRAAS, you can set special accents at any time of year - store conveniently online now!

      Tube scarf from FRAAS - Quality Made in Germany

      Tube scarves for men and women are a popular accessory at any time of year. That's why you'll find an extensive selection of models of all kinds in our store. We regularly expand the range with modern variants in the latest trends. We therefore always focus on the highest quality for tubular scarves and of course also offer classic designs for every day. Find the right range for your taste with us. But it's not just our range that's impressive. You can order all items free of shipping costs in Germany. The goods are carefully packed and you will receive fast shipping with DHL.

      Choose one of our simple and secure payment methods. In addition to purchase on account, we also offer payment via PayPal or VISA Card. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team by phone or email.

      FAQs about tube scarves

      What is a tube scarf?

      A tube scarf is a closed round scarf that is pulled over the head. There are models that are tight-fitting and variants that can be placed loosely over the shoulders.

      How do you wear a tube scarf?

      A tube scarf can be placed around the neck once or several times. It can also be placed over the head as a hood or around the shoulders. A tube scarf as a face mask is also particularly popular for motorcycling and sports.

      How do you wear a tube scarf as a face mask?

      The best way to do this is with a tight-fitting tube scarf or snood. This is then simply pulled over the lower part of the face.

      How do you wash a tubular scarf?

      Synthetic fibers can be machine washed at low temperatures. Delicate materials such as cashmere should be cleaned by hand. Always follow the care instructions on the scarf.

      What material is a FRAAS tubular scarf made of?

      FRAAS tubular scarves are available in many materials and material blends: polyester, cashmere, cotton blends, linen blends, viscose,Cashminkand more.

      Which tube scarf is right for summer?

      On hot summer days, light versions with a long Loop scarf the right choice. They are easy to put over your shoulders and protect you from the sun.

      Which tube scarf is right for winter?

      On cold days, tubular scarves made of knitwear or Wool scarves are best suited. The scarves protect against wind and rain. Elegant models are made from high-quality cashmere.