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      Shoulder scarf - the perfect companion

      A shoulder scarf is a good choice for any outfit. There are many variations of these beautiful scarves to discover and they have something to suit every taste. The scarf loosely wrapped around the shoulders has been a popular, stylish companion, which can be used again and again.

      With itsTimeless elegance it instantly enhances any outfit and keeps you warm at the same time. FRAAS offers shawls that you can wear in summer or winter. The Shoulder scarves are always High-quality workmanship and will give you pleasure for a long time. Discover the FRAAS range of shoulder scarves now.

      Shoulder scarf festive and casual at the same time

      Whether a festive occasion or a cozy evening on the terrace on a balmy summer evening, the shawlwarms comfortable and looks at the same timeelegant looks. Simple models are also made of lightweight materials. They have a single color design and no patterns. This means you can wear these scarves for all occasionsand they always cut a fine figure.

      If you prefer something more chic and festive, opt for a silk or cashmere scarf. TheseElegant shawls are perfect for evening dresses,Evening dress suitable or round off a high-qualityBusiness outfit. Cashmere is also very warming in winter and pleasantly soft at the same time.

      Find the perfect shawl for every occasion

      Whether crocheted or knitted, in bright or plain colors, made of silk or cashmere - the shawl is available in manydifferent variations. So it doesn't matter whether you are looking for a cheeky accessory or a practical shoulder scarf, there is a suitable solution for your fashion requirements.

      Use the beautiful shoulder scarves for every occasion. It's worth having a timeless selection in classic colors and with and without patterns in your closet. You'll be prepared for every fashion occasion and always look your best.

      Shawl for evening dresses

      A matching shawl is the perfect combination for a chic evening dress on fresh evenings. It warms the upper body and is elegant with an evening outfit. If the shawl is to be festive, silk and cashmere models are the right choice.

      Shoulder scarf in summer

      In summer, it's practical to always have a warm piece of clothing to hand, as it can quickly get a little chilly in the evening. A light shawl is perfect for this. It helps to protect you from the sun or keep out the wind during the day. If necessary, it can be quickly folded over and easily stowed away in your handbag. It is therefore the ideal companion on hot days.

      FRAAS has many shawls in summery colors in its range that will be a great addition to your closet.

      Traditional shawl

      Do you enjoy wearing classic traditional costumes? A classic shawl is simply part of many of these traditional outfits. A dirndl is visually enhanced by the matching shawl. Choose a shawl in red or another bold color to add an interesting pop of color to your traditional outfit.

      Shoulder scarf for weddings

      Whether it's a summer or winter wedding, it's not easy as a guest to find the perfect ensemble for this special occasion. In many churches, it is still traditional for the shoulders to be covered, and there can also be a fresh breeze on a summer's day. A simple jacket is not elegant enough for a wedding. A shawl is therefore the perfect way to complete your outfit for the wedding. The shawls are also available with lace or sequins if you want to wear something very special for the occasion.

      Shawls at FRAAS - inspiring colors and patterns

      At FRAAS, you can find a beautiful shawl for every taste and every occasion. The range is extensive and is constantly being expanded with the latest trends. There is also a classic range in timeless colors such as white or black.

      If you prefer a simple style, you are well advised to choose a monochrome shawl in grey or black. It can be easily combined with many outfits and styles.

      But even if your style is more unusual and eye-catching, you can choose from FRAAS shawls. Bright colors such as red and yellow are on offer as well as silver or scarves with elaborate patterns.

      For a summery, romantic style, you will find beautiful shawls in pink. If a shawl is crocheted, it is also ideal for a playful look.

      How to tie a shawl?

      Depending on your taste, you can tie the shawl differently. If the same shawl is always tied differently, it is suitable formany styles.

      A popular way to wear a shawl is to simply drape it loosely over your shoulders and arms and let the ends fall loosely down the crooks of your arms - looks particularly elegant with a long evening dress.

      You can also fold the scarf into a triangle and fasten it in front of the chest with a knot - use a large brooch to fasten it to add a further fashion accent.

      For a casual style, simply drape the scarf over your shoulder and throw the ends over the other shoulder.

      Why buy a scarf online at FRAAS?

      A shawl is therefore without question aversatile and practical accessory for every style. Find your new favorite shoulder scarf in our range. With FRAAS offers, you always choose the best quality.

      Within Germany, FRAAS delivers free of shipping costs. Each item is carefully packaged. Your new scarf will be with you within a few days of ordering. For payment you have the choice of several options, such as PayPal or a credit card payment. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact our team by e-mail or telephone. We look forward to finding the perfect scarf for you.