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Summer scarf - breezy and stylish through the hot season

What would an outfit be without the right accessory? Enhance any look with a trendy summer scarf. Whether as a light nodding scarf with jeans or as a patterned scarf with a dress or shirt: theseLight accessories in harmoniously coordinated colors can be worn by both men and women.

Set fashionable accents and combine a colorful scarf with any everyday look. In the FRAAS online store, we stock summer scarves in A wide variety of styles, patterns and materials.

Thanks to the light and airy material, the Summer scarves are suitable for hot days and also offer comfortable protection from direct sunlight. At the same time, the scarf protects you from the cold on a balmy summer evening. Take a look at the current collections and give your look a sunny and fresh look with a high-quality summer scarf from FRAAS.

Which summer scarves are on trend?

FRAAS scores with a wide selectionFashionable summer scarves for women and men. The accessories are available in different variations, colors and patterns. The colors and patterns should match and flatter the skin type. Cleverly combined, a summer scarf brings out the Hair color or eye color perfectly.

The trendy summer scarves include lightweight scarves made from recycled polyester and exclusive scarves made from silk or viscose Made in Italy. The colorful Wrap scarves, and are particularly practical and also protect you from draughts without getting too warm.

Popular summer scarves at FRAAS

  • Dreieckstuch: Thanks to the wide range of colors and designs, scarves make a fashion statement and brighten up any outfit. They deliberately draw attention to the comfortably cut yet loose shapes.
  • Fringed scarf:Thanks to its playful fringes, this summer scarf is a breezy companion for warm days and nights. With a fringed scarf, you can set fashionable accents and loosen up any look for everyday life and leisure time.
  • Linen-scarf: Thanks to the particularly comfortable and airy linen fabric, these summer scarves are not too obtrusive on hot days.
  • Shoulder-scarf: The generous scarves protect against the direct rays of the sun and provide cozy warmth on long evenings without weighing down your outfit.
  • Silk scarf: Extravagant, cool and casual at the same time, silk brings a special lightness and scores with a high-quality shimmering sheen.
  • Loop scarf: These special scarves are made of different materials and are held together by a thin seam. The loop is not knotted, but simply slipped over the head and casually wrapped around the neck.
  • Summer scarves: Women and men can spice up any look with a summer scarf. The varied details and patterns complete any style. Whether in combination with a blouse, a summer dress or a shirt: scarves are the most popular alternatives to shawls.

Which pattern to choose for a summer scarf?

This year, colorful summer scarves are particularly on trend. They embody the light and lively feeling of the summer months and adapt to any look.

  • Floral scarves:These summer scarves impress with an eye-catching and lively floral print. They are perfect for the summer temperatures and simply put you in a good mood.
  • Leo scarf: Exciting and extravagant at the same time, the eye-catching leo print enhances any simple outfit.
  • Striped summer scarf: The striped summer scarves complete various outfits and can be worn wonderfully around the neck, in the hair or on the bag. They can be made of different materials and are comfortable to wear.
  • Summer scarf with graphic print: The graphic patterns are inspired by nature and the lightness of summer. These accessories are all-rounders that will quickly become indispensable everyday companions.
  • Paisley scarf: The trendy paisley scarves are the highlights among summer accessories. They can be combined with different colors and are available in various designs and combinations.

Show your colors and stay on trend with the trendy summer scarves from FRAAS!

Summer scarf for men

FRAAS offers men a rich selectionhigh-quality and comfortable summer scarf. Fashion-conscious men opt for a lightweight scarf that goes with different outfits and impresses with style and casualness. The clever combination of trendy summer scarves for men enhances any outfit.

ForClassic occasions are recommendedFine fabrics and muted colors, which create an elegant outfit in just a few simple steps. Be bold with color and pattern and choose a summer scarf for men from the wide range that perfectly matches your style.

Summer scarf for women

TheSummery women's scarf from FRAAS rounds off any feminine look. Whether worn with elegant evening wear or as a light everyday look: Summer scarves for women are a must-have for warm days and fresh summer nights. If you want to turn a rather simple outfit into an extravagant eye-catcher, we recommend a lightweight women's summer scarf in expressive, intense colors or summer scarves with unusual prints.

The viscose accessories feel pleasant on the neck, which is not least due to the very light and breathable materials. The scarves are designed to flatter an outfit like a piece of jewelry. They can be cleverly tied to conceal or emphasize certain figure features. For a trip into town, to the park or to a friend's house, the floral summer scarves for women radiate a new form of Lightness and sophistication.

Buy a summer scarf - best quality from FRAAS since 1880

Benefit from the diverse selection and large range of women's and men's scarves at FRAAS. The rich product selection offers several colors, patterns and styles and thus the summer accessory that best suits your personality and different outfits.

Since 1880, FRAAS has been focusing on trendy collections and highest quality standards. This makes a summer scarf a companion for years to come. At the same time, the Sustainability in focus. Out of a sense of responsibility for the environment, FRAAS focuses on the respectful use of environmental resources through the Use of state-of-the-art technologies. For example, the summer scarves from the contain recycled fibers. Recycling the fibers helps to conserve resources, avoid waste and protect the environment.

Free delivery and return shipping on the journey. FRAAS also scores with fast delivery by DHL. The most common payment methods are available online, such as payment via Amazon Pay, PayPal, purchase on account or payment by credit card.

Be inspired by thelatest collections and scarves. Take a look at our diverse range and the various summer scarves that will not only make this summer a fashion highlight.