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Sustainability has many facets for us - from environmental protection to respectful treatment of our employees.

Sustainability is a fine thing in itself, but just talking about it doesn't help. In the textile industry, acting in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner is not necessarily the order of the day. Fast fashion ensures that goods become cheaper and cheaper while working conditions continue to deteriorate.

We have always taken responsibility as a matter of course and stand for honest production, even if it makes our products more expensive and therefore conflicts with profitability. And no, we are not only responsible for our product, but also for our employees. Of course, we value high performance and specialist knowledge, but we never lose sight of the essentials: enjoyment at work and recognition are just as important for a perfect scarf as carefully selected raw materials.

Precious natural materials, clear water and lots of inspiration ... At FRAAS, we appreciate what nature gives us.

That is why we also give something back. At FRAAS, we have long believed that actions are worth more than big words. From water-saving production to innovative recycling ideas: Acting responsibly has been a matter of course for us for many years. That's why sustainability in all its facets runs like a green thread through our entire company. And with us, it not only feels good, but also looks great.

Sustainably beautiful


Beauty is created from sustainable yarn and passion. Our sustainable collection presents recycled materials (post-consumer) and materials from renewable and sustainable sources. We use recycled polyester, recycled cotton, recycled wool, recycled viscose and FSC viscose, Lyocell (Tencel) and much more.

RECYCELTE yarns. Innovative raw materials.

Sustainability is like a perfect scarf: it has to make you feel good.

Beauty is reborn here again and again

We process recycled materials, which are then reborn as new accessories. FRAAS scarves and shawls make the world a little more beautiful. Because every piece made from recycled fibers can not only conserve resources, avoid waste and protect the environment - it also comes with an extra portion of good feeling when worn.

An amazing transformation: in nature, caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies - we turn empty PET bottles into colorful fabric. This recycled polyester saves up to 53% energy compared to conventional production and can itself be reused.

Turning old into new: Have you ever wondered what will become of your favorite sweater when it has had its day? Perhaps a scarf! Wool and cashmere are given a second life at FRAAS. The valuable materials are separated by color, broken down into fibers and spun into new yarn.

The best of the leftovers: Every T-shirt is made with leftover fabric. What actually happens to them? We have an answer: leftovers from textile production are used here as the basic material for brand new fashion. Cotton, for example, is sorted by color, shredded and processed into yarn for fresh fabric.


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Good for you. Good for our planet.
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