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The winter scarf - a classic accessory that keeps you warm

In the cold winter months, you can create many individual looks with the right accessories. A winter scarf for men and women is particularly suitable for this. A good winter scarf is characterized by a comfortable to wear and they ensure optimal climate comfort on a cold winter's day.

Keep warm in winter on any day and feel good in your individual outfit. You can combine our winter scarves with a sporty as well as with a Business outfit. The extensive range has something for every style. Even a simple winter scarf can enhance any outfit with its modern patterns and colorsenhance any outfit.

Men's winter scarf

A scarf in winter is a good choice for any outfit. FRAAS has a large selection of winter scarves for men to discover. Whether you like it simple or extravagant, the FRAAS range has something to suit you.

Especially theTimeless designs and tried and tested materials are very popular with men of all ages. But the fashionable aspect is also convincing. There are increasingly unusual options that are suitable for an individual look. However, the motto for most men's winter scarves is still:Less is more.

A good winter scarf for men not only keeps you warm and is practical, but also looks fashionable and can enhance your outfit. FRAAS has many models for men in its range that will keep you warm and fashionable through the winter.

Winter scarf for women

As soon as the cold days are upon us, we need to change our wardrobe. Warm coats and jackets can be perfectly staged with Elegant accessories. A winter scarf for women is suitable for any winter outfit. Simple styles accompany you every day, whether in the office or in your free time. From the elegant business look to the casual leisure outfit, a simple scarf is always the right choice.

Tip: Have at least two scarves in a light and a dark color without a pattern in your wardrobe. These go with every outfit and you are always warm and fashionably dressed.

Thelarge selectionFRAAS leaves nothing to be desired in terms of patterns, colors and materials for winter scarves. Every year there are new winter trends for colors and patterns to discover. FRAAS offers you the latest highlights and a selection of popular classics in its range. Thanks to the many different ways to wear them, every scarf brings variety to your closet for the winter. Discover FRAAS' wide range of women's winter scarves now.

Tying a winter scarf - how to wear a winter scarf correctly

Winter scarves are not only available in many different colors and styles, they also come in various shapes and sizes. A particularly practical feature is that winter scarves can be worn in many different ways. Which onetiefor the scarf is best suited to you is influenced by the style of the outfit, among other things. However, your personal preference is decisive.

There are different ways to wear the winter scarf and we have summarized a few for you below:

The classic:Wrap the winter scarf around your neck and let the ends hang loosely over your shoulders. Perfect for a casual everyday outfit.

Casual version: Here you can casually throw one end of the winter scarf over your back. This keeps the winter scarf out of the way. Ideal when you're out and about on your bike, for example.

Braid: First fold the winter scarf in the middle, swing the loop around your neck and pull both ends through the loop in a staggered manner.

Fashionable: If a round scarf is doubled around the neck, you can pull the top layer longer and thus have a hood. This not only looks modern, it also protects you from the cold. On particularly cold days, you can also pull the scarf over a Hat

Loop variant: A winter scarf can not only be worn loosely around the neck as a fashion accessory, but can also be used as a loop scarf. Wrap the scarf (loosely) around your neck until there are short ends at the front, which you can simply hide under the accessory. The loop look is modern and suitable for every style.

FRAAS winter scarves in many colors and patterns

A simple winter scarf becomes a real eye-catcher when it offers colors and patterns. FRAAS has winter scarves in Beautiful colors and patterns in its range. A winter scarf for women doesn't always have to be black or gray. Opt for a scarf in a bright yellow or soft pink to bring some joy to the dreary winter days. FRAAS also offers variants with patterns and prints. With animal or floral prints, you can add more Character for your outfit. Striped winter scarves or scarves in checks are the right choice for a Classic look in everyday life. Use graphic designs to create modern accents that are guaranteed to attract attention.

Winter scarves in many different materials

FRAAS winter scarves are available in many high-quality materials, with each material having its own advantages. For exampleCashmink® offers a particularly comfortable and cozy feel. But classic materials such as cotton can also impress with their quality.

Other materials that FRAAS has in its range:

  • cotton - warming and soft
  • Cotton blend - suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Cashmere - soft, luxurious and elegant
  • Linen- robust and timelessly beautiful
  • Polyacrylic - warm and crease-resistant
  • Polyamide - great patterns and bright colors
  • Silk - elegant, soft and timelessly beautiful
  • Viscose - comfortable to wear and breathable
  • Wool - natural and warm
  • Wool blend - warming and robust

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Looking for a new winter scarf? Then FRAAS is your partnerFor high-quality products. FRAAS manufactures its winter scarves predominantly in Germanyandguarantees not only the highest quality standards, but also a low CO2 footprint for production and distribution. In addition, you can enjoy a wide range of products in the FRAAS online store and finally FRAAS will deliver your orderfree shipping within Germany.