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The softness of cashmere is legendary. Feeling the gentle embrace of the precious natural fibers, running your fingertips over their flattering surface - you can hardly get enough of it. Even friends like to stroke the fabric and ask: "Cashmere?" Now you could test the authenticity of the luxurious material, for example with the burn test: unlike synthetic fibers, cashmere burns only with difficulty and smells of burnt hair. But it's better to simply point to the FRAAS label: "Naturally cashmere, and only the best."



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At FRAAS, you can not only rely on genuine cashmere of the highest quality, we will even tell you where our cashmere goats are at home: in cold Mongolia. In this climate, the hair grows particularly fine and of high quality. Carefully combed out and sorted until only the delicate undercoat remains, the annual yield of a goat is around 150 g - roughly the amount needed for a knitted scarf made of pure cashmere.