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      Blankets - the cuddly eye-catcher.

      There are many ways to make your home more homely and cozy. Not all methods are complicated. One particularly simple way to create a cozy ambience in a living room in an instant is to use a living blanket. The throw blanket can be placed on the sofa, on the armchairs or kept just in case it is needed as a cuddly blanket. In addition to the large selection of high-quality, cuddly blankets with fringes and blankets in various patterns and colors, the bedspreads primarily fulfill a very pleasant, warming function. FRAAS cuddly blankets are particularly pleasantly warming and therefore ideal for cold days or evenings at home.

      What can a blanket be used for?

      Having one or more blankets at home is always an advantage. They are not as thick as comforters for sleeping and are therefore easy to store. However, they can serve as a source of warmth, especially in the transitional seasons of spring and fall. They are also often used as lightweight summer blankets to keep you warm on cooler evenings on the patio in summer and to enjoy the evening atmosphere outdoors.

      The blanket also fulfills decorative purposes. The appealing patterns and colors create a welcome splash of color in the living room and bedroom. Whether with modern tribals, in bright colors or with floral patterns, the bedspreads are a decorative eye-catcher in living rooms. They are also popular in the bedroom as bedspreads on the bed to create a tidy and harmonious look in the bedroom. As a throw, the throw blankets also quickly create a cozy look on the sofa.

      Decoration on sofa & bed to match the living style

      If you want to buy throw blankets that are fluffy and soft and can also be a decorative element, FRAAS is the right place for you. When choosing a blanket for the sofa, recliner or bed, it is important that the blanket matches the style of your home. Thanks to their great variety, FRAAS blankets can be used in a number of different living styles. Made from high-quality material such as Cashmink®, the blankets are often used in modern living styles, but also in country house and industrial-style living styles. There are also various summer blankets for the very popular Scandinavian living style, cozy blankets for winter and other decorative blankets for every need.

      Buy blankets for allergy sufferers

      The special thing about the Cashmink® material in FRAAS blankets is that they are also suitable for allergy sufferers. The blankets for allergy sufferers are not only cuddly soft, but also gentler on the respiratory tract. Made in Germany, the comforters for allergy sufferers are made from recycled polyester, which is considered to be very allergy-friendly. At the same time, the bedspreads are very cuddly and soft on the skin.

      The bedspread in the sleeping area

      The bedspread is not always only used on the sofa in the living room. Such blankets are very often used as bedspreads on the bed. The reason why bedspreads are probably bought most often for the bedroom is the decorative factor. When the bed linen is folded, the bedspread is placed over it, making the entire bed look neater and tidier in one go. This gives the bed a pleasantly cozy look. In addition, the bed linen underneath is also protected when sitting on the bedspread or folding laundry, for example, for which the bed is often used as a surface. Last but not least, the bedspread on the bed quickly provides a light blanket that is immediately to hand when taking a nap or simply resting on the bed.

      Which blankets can you buy at FRAAS?

      If you would like to buy a blanket at FRAAS, you will find a wide range of unusual patterns and colors. Most patterns are also available in different color combinations, so there is still a choice within each product.


      • Cashmink® is a material patented by FRAAS that contributes a great deal to the high-quality blankets. The recycled polyester impresses with its pleasant feel and cuddly softness. Thanks to this material, it is also the ideal blanket for allergy sufferers.
      • The FRAAS throw blankets are jacquard woven. This means that the patterns are woven directly into the blanket and not printed on. This gives the cosy blankets a particularly elegant look, but also makes them very easy to care for and hard-wearing, as the vibrant colors are retained even after frequent washing.

      Farben & Muster

      • Flowers are very popular as patterns, especially in winter. Because when nature outside is rather uniform, floral patterns conjure up a touch of spring in the living room. Flowers on FRAAS blankets appear in brightly colored or muted colors.
      • Floral tendrils offer a particularly elegant pattern that combines nature with a modern look. The flower tendrils often appear monochrome, creating a complex pattern that offers many interesting focal points.
      • Colour Block: The Colour Block consists of different colored areas that are skilfully combined with each other.
      Special details
      • Fringes are a decorative element that should not be missing from a bedspread.
      • Sustainability Edition → Sustainable blankets made from recycled polyester conserve resources.

      → The soft throw blankets from FRAAS are a real eye-catcher - make yourself or your loved ones happy!

      What makes FRAAS throw blankets so special?

      • FRAAS throw blankets impress with their special properties and exceptional design. With our blankets you benefit in many ways.

      High quality

      • High-quality workmanship and selected materials made in Germany make the throw blankets high-quality and durable.


      • With Cashmink® made from recycled polyester, you are opting for a particularly sustainable solution.

      For allergy sufferers

      • Cashmink® is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers when choosing blankets.

      How to care for Cashmink® blankets properly?

      • Cashmink® blankets are very easy to care for. If you want them to retain their desired shine for a particularly long time, you should prefer to hand wash them. Cashmink® textiles should not be tumble dried. It is better to simply lay the blanket flat to dry.

      High-quality blankets from FRAAS

      • At FRAAS, you will not only find blankets made of fine Cashmink®, but also many scarves, shawls or ponchos made of this material. At FRAAS you can enjoy high quality made in Germany and comprehensive service since 1880. Enjoy free shipping and returns in Germany as well as many other benefits when ordering.

      → Find your new favorite blanket conveniently online at FRAAS now - we look forward to your purchase!


      How to care for Cashmink® blankets properly?

      The environmentally friendly and supple recycled material Cashmink® is best cared for by hand washing. When drying, it should only be spread out flat, but not put in the dryer.

      What makes FRAAS throw blankets so special?

      FRAAS throw blankets come in complex and exciting patterns in a wide range of colors thanks to their jacquard weave. The patented Cashmink® material is not only environmentally friendly, but also feels high-quality and extra soft and cozy.

      What can a throw blanket be used for?

      Throw blankets can be used in living rooms such as the living room or bedroom. As a stylish sofa blanket or bedspread, the throw blankets quickly create a tidy and cozy look.