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      A poncho for women - a Latin American feeling in your closet.

      A poncho is, much like a cape, a loose-fitting piece of clothing for women. With a poncho, you can protect yourself from cool temperatures or add a stylish finishing touch to your outfit. At FRAAS, you can buy ponchos for women that are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

      What is a poncho?

      The poncho originated in Latin America. Its typical characteristics are the loose fit and the fact that it is made from a single piece of fabric. Different colors and materials make the poncho the ideal combination talent in summer and winter. They are square or rectangular, resemble a blanket and are sometimes even used for other purposes. For example, the ruana poncho, a thicker version, scores highly as a warm, cozy winter poncho. Originally, a ruana poncho was made of wool and was knee-length; at FRAAS, ruanas and other ponchos for women are available in different versions.

      Poncho or cape?

      The poncho is often equated with the cape, but the garments have a significant difference: Ponchos, unlike capes, do not have arm slits, but only have a hole for the head.

      Warm, cozy and flexible: poncho materials at a glance

      Whether it's an elegant cashmere poncho or a typical Latin American poncho made of wool: the variety of materials is impressive. Depending on the season, we recommend the following materials:


      Cashmink® is a popular material for women's ponchos. FRAAS Cashmink ponchos are made from recycled polyester or polyacrylic. Cashmink® was created by FRAAS. The cozy material provides a high level of thermal insulation and scores points with its moisture-repellent properties. It is very tear-resistant, yet soft and wonderfully light on the skin. A women's poncho made from Cashmink® is recommended as an autumn or winter poncho.


      The pure wool poncho is also warm on cold days. It also impresses with its crease resistance and elasticity. It is also hardly susceptible to dirt, making it ideal for outdoor use.


      Wonderfully light and popular in summer is the light and weather-resistant women's poncho made of acrylic. The dimensionally stable material is felt-free and easy to care for, it also dries quickly and is therefore quickly ready for use again after washing.

      Neat in paisley or plain?

      Typical patterns for women's ponchos are block stripes and checks. These are visually reminiscent of nature, flocks of sheep and expansive landscapes, or even a romantic picnic in a flower meadow. A poncho with the classic FRAAS plaid check, which is loved all over the world, is unbeatably chic. A poncho could hardly be more classic!

      The plain-colored ponchos prove to be a combination talent. Choose your poncho in beige or brown to create an understated, natural look. A poncho in black or a women's poncho in gray also always works. The poncho becomes an eye-catcher in different colors. The bright colors attract everyone's attention. And with a poncho in red, you can show off your flirtatious side.

      Combination talent poncho: Can be used flexibly like a cape

      Like the cape, the women's poncho is an all-rounder for the layered look - as the top layer, it is the eye-catcher of your outfit. Whether over a blouse, a shirt, a dirndl or even a wedding dress: depending on the version, the poncho always matches your personal style. Over an evening dress, the poncho becomes an elegant source of warmth, while worn loosely with jeans, it will delight in everyday life. Throw on a summer poncho when it gets cooler in the evening or choose a robust model as a comfortable companion for a hike. Your outfit will look particularly rustic with a denim blouse and corduroy trousers, and elegant with a pencil skirt. A waist belt over the poncho for women takes away its width and emphasizes your feminine figure.

      Rule of thumb:

      The wider the poncho, the narrower the clothing you wear underneath should be. Tight-fitting pants, such as skinny jeans or leather pants, are a must.

      A rain poncho or cashmere poncho is worn in different ways. It is typically worn casually over the shoulders, but also works like a XXL-scarf or a Shoulder-scarf. The look with a women's poncho is loose and cheeky if you only swing one side over your shoulder. This wearing option also provides even more warmth.

      Buy ponchos at FRAAS? Of course!

      At FRAAS, you can choose your poncho or ruana from a wide range of products. You can look forward to products that are manufactured under strict supervision in a way that protects your health and the environment. FRAAS ruanas are certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are manufactured in the various production facilities in accordance with German quality standards. A large number of FRAAS ponchos are produced climate-neutrally at the company headquarters in Wüstenselbitz, Upper Franconia - Quality Made in Germany, which ensures an extra good feeling when worn. You can also look forward to a seasonal variety of new products when you buy your women's poncho from FRAAS.

      FAQs about the women's poncho

      What is a poncho?

      The poncho originated in Latin America, where it is still worn in mostly bright colors is an integral part of women's and men's fashion. In this country, a poncho is primarily found in women's wardrobes - you shouldn't be without a FRAAS women's poncho either! Like a Cape, the fluffy cape is usually made from one piece of fabric, but does not have arm slits. Ponchos are characterized by their loose fit and easy handling.

      How to wear a poncho?

      In addition to the fact that a FRAAS women's poncho is always an Absolute eye-catcher, the popular Women's accessory due to its wide range of applications. You can wear your poncho over a thick knitted sweater for an onion look in winter or as an elegant silk version with an evening dress or even a wedding dress! A poncho also goes perfectly with any business outfit; and in your free time, women's ponchos impress as sporty variants.

      When do you wear a poncho?

      A poncho is a specialVersatile garment. You can wear your FRAAS women's poncho in Everyday with jeans and a T-shirt as well as for Business occasions over a classic trouser suit or costume. Ponchos also look great in evening wearEvening wear, mainly made of lightweight materials such as polyacrylic. A cotton poncho is suitable for the suitcase, and our warming Cashmink material is ideal for cooler temperatures in fall or winter.

      How to care for ponchos properly?

      Ponchos made ofCotton or polyacrylic are particularly easy to care for and hard-wearing - you can put these models in the washing machine without any problems, but atmaximum 30 to 40 degrees; the spin cycle should be set to a maximum of 600 revolutions per minute. For FRAAS women's ponchos made of Wool, cashmere or cashmink; a Hand wash. Then hang the poncho flat on a line so it can air dry and won't crease.