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Pure elegance: a cashmere scarf for men and women

A cashmere scarf adds a harmonious finishing touch to your look and gives you warmth on cold days. The airy version of a cashmere scarf, on the other hand, is your favorite accessory in summer. This quality material will delight you in many different ways, as our range of cashmere scarves, stoles and shawls shows.

Valuable cashmere supplier: The cashmere goat

Cashmere is a material for clothing and accessories that is not described as high-quality and particularly elegant for nothing. The wearer of a cashmere scarf and triangular shawl is guaranteed a pleasant feeling on the skin. The material has an animal origin and is obtained from the delicate undercoat of the cashmere goat. The goat's hair has been processed into textiles for over 1,000 years. The Kashmir region gave both the cashmere goat and the subsequent textile material its well-known name. The Himalayan region is located between India, China and Pakistan.

That's why we love cashmere!

The high quality of cashmere results from the particularly soft and fine hair of the cashmere goat. This pleasant feeling on the skin is not lost even after processing into textiles - on the contrary! The process goes through three steps, through which only the best fibers find their way into the finished product. First, the animals' fur is combed out at the end of winter, then sorted by color and washed. Finally, the producers separate the top coat from the undercoat and only use the velvety-soft undercoat for further processing.

Cashmere stands out thanks to its water-repellent properties against individual raindrops, but also body sweat, the moisture from which is immediately wicked away to the outside. This means you won't break a sweat on warmer days with a cashmere scarf. Cashmere also offers wonderful thermal insulation. The material provides warmth, even though it feels light and therefore hardly weighs anything on your shoulders. Finally, cashmere is dirt-repellent and odorless. With a cashmere scarf, you can look forward to quality that won't let you down!

Wearing options for cashmere: stole, scarf or shawl?

A cashmere scarf is not only available in all kinds of colors, but also in different shapes. This makes it a universal companion for your private, business and special occasions.

  • Cashmere stole: An opulent stole attracts everyone's attention and is a distinctive alternative to a slim cashmere scarf for women. Another advantage: you can wear the stole as a scarf for warmth or loosely as a poncho substitute.
  • Cashmere as a triangular scarf: Cashmere instantly becomes a chic and elegant companion for dinner, the theater or the next business meeting. A triangular cashmere scarf blends discreetly into your overall fashion look.
  • Narrow cashmere scarf: A narrow cashmere scarf for men or women is modern and attractive in a business style. It also offers pleasant warmth on cool autumn days.
  • XXL cashmere scarf: Casual and comfortable for everyday wear, an XXL cashmere scarf is particularly suitable for winter. It provides warmth and makes for a cozy appearance at first glance. Both a men's cashmere scarf and the women's version score points in XXL size.
  • Lightweight cashmere scarf: Even in summer, you shouldn't banish cashmere from your closet! A cashmere scarf in light colors such as pink, pastel blue or white rounds off a light and airy summer look. And if it does get too warm, you can even use the cashmere scarf as an eye-catching hair accessory.

Cashmere quality in all the colors of the rainbow

A cashmere scarf for women or men can be many things, but not boring! The natural colors of cashmere are white, grey, brown and black. Wear your cashmere scarf in these colors if you want to complete a simple outfit just as simply. If you want to create an eye-catching look, you should opt for a cashmere scarf in red or blue. Patterned versions, such as a floral-colored triangular cashmere scarf, are also suitable for this. If, on the other hand, you are drawn to natural colors, cashmere scarves in beige, brown, dark green or khaki are perfect for you. Subtly checked or striped cashmere scarves in these colors will inevitably remind you of the Scottish Highlands.

FRAAS as an expert in cashmere scarves

At FRAAS, fine cashmere scarves for men and women come from high-quality production facilities. Far from cheap producers, our manufacturers transform soft cashmere into scarves, stoles or fine triangular scarves. For the most part, you can rely on quality made in Germany.

And if you don't want to buy scarves of animal origin, but still don't want to do without the many positive properties of cashmere, our synthetic and hypoallergenic Cashmink® is a great alternative for you.

FAQs about cashmere scarves

Which cashmere scarves can I buy at FRAAS?

AnHigh-quality FRAAS cashmere scarves you can expect a diverse product range. You have the choice between Fringed plaids and woven knitted scarves, a Stola or a cashmere scarf in Triangle shape. For men, narrow Scarves and lightweight cashmere scarves are popular, giving every business outfit that something extra. In addition to the variety of Cuts we also provide you with a wide Color selection: From the characteristic cashmere shades of brown, gray, black and beige to bright red or eye-catching prints as absolute eye-catchers. And with our Check patternsBring the Scottish Highlands to German cities.

How much does a cashmere scarf cost at FRAAS?

For our FRAAS cashmere scarves we only useoriginal goat's woolfrom the Himalayan region. At the end of the elaborate Production process is an inimitably velvety soft material, its high-qualityquality you are guaranteed to feel it every time you wear it. You certainly won't feel the weight, however, as cashmere scarves are so light. You can usually get these fashionable highlights from us for amountsbetween 99 and 199 euros - we also regularly have specials on offer that are in no way inferior to any other products in terms of quality. TheseBargains are our thanks for your loyalty!

How to wash a cashmere scarf properly?

Washing machines are taboo for original cashmere - it is best to clean your FRAAS cashmere scarf at around 30 degrees by hand. Leave a small amount mild detergent - do not add bleach! - Soak the scarf a little and rinse it with clear water at the end. Avoid rubbing the material to prevent mattingAvoid felting. And be sure to spread it out flat on the Air dry. Instead of real cashmere wool, opt for our synthetic and hypoallergenicCashmink, you can clean this in the delicate cycle machine wash.

What are the advantages of a cashmere scarf?

The popularity of the velvety-soft material is not only due to thisSoftness. Rather, with a fashionable FRAAS cashmere scarf you get a natural fiber with the highest Thermal insulation and Tear resistance. Thanks to its Breathability the featherweight textile is comfortable to wear around the neck even in summer, and its low susceptibility to dirt and odours it is extremely easy to care for. AlsoMoisture is well repelled - so even in the drizzle you cut a fine figure with a FRAAS cashmere scarf.

At what time of year can you wear a cashmere scarf?

Unlike winter-only accessories, you don't have to banish your FRAAS cashmere scarf from your closet in spring: The soft materialwarms in cold temperatures just as it does on cools on warm days. The high-quality material is cosy, soft and comfortable to wear whatever the season. You decide the style - combine your FRAAS cashmere scarf with a flowing summer dress, wear it casually over your shoulders with a black turtleneck sweater or tie it to a classic scarf.