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Cashmink® scarves from FRAAS in their unique variety

Cashmink® stands forFeel good. Cashmink® stands for Comfort. Cashmink® stands for Quality. The Cashmink® scarves from FRAAS impress with their fine fibers and are softer than cashmere thanks to the special Manufacturing and finishing technique. Do you like cashmere scarves? Then you will love Cashmink® scarves. With our comprehensive range of Cashmink® scarves, both men and women will find their new favorite accessory.

Properties of Cashmink® scarves and shawls

The scarves and shawls are made from polyacrylic or, in the case of the sustainable FRAAS Sustainability Edition, from recycled polyester. The result of the highly technical, patented manufacturing and finishing process is fine fibers that are 20% softer than cashmere fibers. This ensures exceptional Comfort. High-qualityScarves and shawls from FRAAS are also beautifully warm, hypoallergenic and extremely skin-friendly. The water-repellent properties of the material make every FRAAS scarf a faithful companion for every occasion. The innovative production techniques enable a unique Color variety and luminosity, which are excellently expressed in the individual designs. The production according to German quality standards and the fact that Cashmink® scarves from FRAASMade in Germany guarantee high quality. Certification in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guarantees sustainable and climate-neutral production of Cashmink® accessories. Discover our wide range of Cashmink® scarves from FRAAS and add a fashionable touch to your outfit.

Cashmink® scarves for men and women for all seasons

FRAAS scarves and shawls can be perfectly combined with clothing all year round. Wear this all-rounder whenever and however you like.

Cashmink® scarf in winter:

In winter, a cosy scarf from FRAAS provides you with optimum protection from the cold and wind. The water-repellent properties keep you warm even in cold, wet weather.

Cashmink® scarf in spring:

In the transitional period, the Cashmink® scarf is the ideal companion for walks and outdoor activities. It keeps you warm, but is not bulky and does not cause heat.

Cashmink® scarf in autumn:

If the weather is unstable and changeable, the Cashmink® scarf is a must. In the fall, FRAAS scarves for men and women protect against wetness and draughts. Enjoy the attention of others when you combine these versatile scarves to match your outfit.

Cashmink® scarves and shawls give your outfit that certain something as a fashion accessory and round it off perfectly. The scarves for men and women go just as well with a business outfit as with a casual look. Follow the trend. You can buy fashionable Cashmink® scarves today and add the finishing touch to your outfit.

Large selection of colors and patterns of Cashmink® scarves at FRAAS

Plain, patterned, with fringes, wide, long, narrow. The selection of Cashmink® scarves at FRAAS is huge. Chooseromantic patterns with delicate shades for an extravagant and modern outfit or combineplain scarves with a simple business outfit with a coat or jacket. Scarves and shawls in the Check design, the ebenso can be worn with a sporty casual outfit. Floral patterns are playful and romantic at the same time and emphasize femininity. Thanks to the wide variety of colors and patterns, Cashmink® scarves for men and women can be worn for a wide range of occasions. Combine women's scarves with your wardrobe in your free time, on the way to work, in the office or at formal events. No closet should be without a Cashmink® scarf from FRAAS. Find your favorite scarf as the perfect companion for every look, from casual to elegant. Discover the great variety now.

Combine Cashmink® scarves with style

Cashmink® scarves from FRAAS offer many ways to create a trendy and stylish look.

  • Patterned pieces can be wonderfully combined with neutral colors. Add a great change to monochrome looks.
  • Tone-on-tone outfits are by no means boring with scarves from FRAAS. Match the colors and create a stylish look with selected materials.
  • Solid-colored scarves in calm shades are suitable for festive occasions.

Create stylish, trendy looks with Cashmink® scarves from FRAAS - order easily and conveniently now!

Cashmink® scarves from FRAAS - Made in Germany

Choose from an extensive range of high-quality scarves and shawls in many colors and patterns. The high quality standards of Cashmink® scarves for men and women ensure Durability. The scarves are sustainable and climate-neutral and are certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Patented manufacturing and finishing techniques make Cashmink® scarves soft and comfortable to wear. Order your favorite scarf today, conveniently and easily:

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Order your new favorite accessory easily and conveniently at FRAAS now!


Was ist ein Cashmink® Schal?

A Cashmink® scarf is a scarf made from a soft, skin-friendly and water-repellent material. Thanks to special finishing processes, Cashmink® fibers are even 20% finer than cashmere fibers.

What is Cashmink®?

Cashmink® is a natural material that is produced and refined using highly technical, patented processes. This creates a special functional material that is soft, warm and comfortable to wear.

What selection of Cashmink® scarves does FRAAS offer?

FRAAS offers Cashmink® scarves in many colors, patterns and designs. The range includes plain, floral and graphic styles in different sizes, with or without fringes. The many fashionable scarves can be perfectly combined for any occasion.

What occasions is a Cashmink® scarf suitable for?

Cashmink® scarves from FRAAS can be worn with a casual look as well as with business attire or for festive occasions. They are also suitable for formal events and on the way to work.

How can a Cashmink® scarf be combined?

There are no limits to your own taste here. Wear plain-colored Cashmink® scarves discreetly with festive clothing or create an eye-catcher with a floral design. Cashmink® scarves are also suitable for tone-on-tone outfits and add a sophisticated touch to jeans and jackets.

Why choose a Cashmink® scarf from FRAAS?

Softness, comfort, durability, variety. Cashmink® scarves and shawls from FRAAS impress with their unique softness and pleasant feel. The high-quality scarves are available in a large selection and can be perfectly coordinated with your wardrobe.