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A cotton scarf is not only a popular accessory on cold winter days. Warming on cold days, stylish at work or trendy when out and about in your free time, a cotton scarf is a fashion must-have for men and women alike. You can start the day warm with our cozy cotton scarf. The natural material is not only easy to care for and breathable, but also skin-friendly. If cotton is used for a scarf, you don't have to go without your fashion accessory on warm spring days, balmy fall evenings or in winter. Attention is also paid to sustainable production. Cotton scarves from FRAAS round off your outfit perfectly - discover them now in our FRAAS range!

What different types of cotton scarves are there?

The selection of cotton scarves at FRAAS is diverse. Browse through our online store and find the perfect accessory for your style. Whether you're looking for a women's scarf, men's scarf or cotton scarves for children, you can choose from a large selection of cotton scarves, from tubular scarves to velour scarves.

  • Tücher: Cotton scarves not only look good, they are also versatile. Wear chic cotton scarves around your neck or as a headscarf - either way, the scarf keeps you warm and looks stylish at the same time. Cotton scarves have excellent wearing properties. They are heat-regulating. They are therefore not only suitable for the cold season, but can be worn all year round thanks to their pleasant lightness.
  • Tubular scarf: A tubular scarf made of cotton leaves nothing to be desired in terms of wearing and combination options. Whatever the season, combine fashionable loops with a business look for the office or wear it with a coat or jacket in winter. Tubular scarves always look stylish and belong in every closet. The wide range of models ensures that this cotton scarf will also appeal to men.
  • Nicki scarf: These small, square scarves are increasingly conquering the fashion world. The pleasantly soft material of the cotton nicki scarf can be worn with a dress in summer and doesn't need to be hidden away in the wardrobe in winter. The skin-friendly cotton provides cozy warmth around the neck on cold days. The different tying options make the nap scarf a versatile companion.
  • Triangular scarf: Cotton triangular scarves are the perfect companion in winter. The pleasantly soft and warm material gives your outfit a simple elegance and makes it feel great to wear. The triangular scarf is tied casually around the neck like a cotton scarf or can simply be worn loosely over the shoulders.

What selection of cotton scarves are available at FRAAS?

Cotton scarves are available in a wide range. As cotton is a natural material and breathable, a cotton scarf is comfortable to wear around your neck without making you sweat. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the warming effect of this fashionable accessory at any time of year. The advantages of cotton also lie in the fact that scarves made from this natural fiber are pleasantly soft around the neck in summer, making them the eye-catcher of your outfit at all times. The cotton scarf is just as suitable as a winter scarf. Coarsely or finely knitted, mixed with other natural materials or as organic cotton, our cotton scarves are not just fashionable.

100% cotton

Soft, breathable, heat-regulating. These are just some of the advantages of choosing a cotton scarf. A large selection of colors, different designs and patterns, fringed scarves, loops and the variety of wearing options round off leisure looks as well as business wear and festive clothing.


Stole, scarf, loop or shawl, our high-quality organic cotton not only promises a good wearing comfort, but consists of sustainable fibers with which you help to conserve resources, avoid waste and protect the environment. Different colors and patterns ensure a wide selection.

Cotton blend

Blended fabrics combine the advantages of cotton and other materials. FRAAS scarves made from a cotton-silk blend offer a pleasant feel and comfort. The large selection not only enriches women's closets. Fashion-loving men will be impressed by the variety of cotton scarves for men in our range.

How to care for a cotton scarf properly?

To ensure that you enjoy your new favorite accessory for a long time, it is important that you follow a few tips when washing it. A cotton scarf is easy to care for and can be washed at 30 °C in the washing machine. It is best to use a mild detergent to protect the natural fibers as much as possible. Hand washing is even gentler on the material. We recommend air-drying the cotton scarf. It is best to lay it out horizontally. This way it will keep its shape and not crease too much. The tumble dryer is not suitable as this can damage the material. Don't want a creased look? As cotton scarves crease relatively easily, you can iron them at low temperatures.

What makes FRAAS cotton scarves special

Not all cotton scarves are the same. FRAAS pays attention to high quality so that you not only have a fashionable accessory for every day. Only high-quality materials and raw materials are used to manufacture the cotton scarves. Modern machines produce fine scarves under strict criteria. Nothing is left to chance. FRAAS relies on the natural chloride content of the water when dyeing to preserve the naturalness of the fibers as much as possible. This means that fewer chemicals are needed to achieve the best results.

Sustainability in the production of FRAAS cotton scarves is an important issue. Not only are high-quality raw materials used, but materials are also recycled. This conserves the earth's natural resources and you can not only feel the comfort around your neck when you wear it, but also have a clear conscience towards nature.

The sparing use of resources and chemicals makes FRAAS cotton scarves not only sustainable, high-quality and comfortable to wear, but also suitable for sensitive skin. Many materials can quickly be perceived as scratchy and irritating, especially around the neck. FRAAS therefore places great importance on using materials and processing them in such a way that even allergy sufferers can wear the cotton scarves without restriction. That's what makes quality.

Cotton scarves from FRAAS Made in Germany

You can feel FRAAS quality. FRAAS pays attention to regionally supplied raw materials and sustainability. This is reflected in the quality and long shelf life. The highest quality standards are met across the entire range. A large selection allows you to discover cotton scarves for every occasion, but also to combine them with gloves, hats, etc. Order your cotton scarf in just a few steps and enjoy fast delivery and free shipping within Germany. All common payment methods are accepted.

Convince yourself now of cotton scarves from FRAAS!



What different types of cotton scarves are there?

Cotton scarves are available as shawls, tube scarves, nap scarves or triangular scarves. Whether as a neckerchief or headscarf, draped loosely over the shoulders or loosely around the neck for a casual outfit, the different types of cotton scarves add variety to your wardrobe.

What selection of cotton scarves are available at FRAAS?

Cotton scarves are available in pure cotton, organic cotton and cotton blends. The naturalness of cotton ensures a pleasantly light feel in summer and cozy warmth in summer.

How to care for a cotton scarf properly?

Cotton scarves can be washed at 30 °C with mild detergent. Hand washing is best. Dry them horizontally so that they crease as little as possible. Cotton scarves should not be tumble dried, but can be ironed at low temperatures.