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      FRAAS ladies' hats - always on-trend.

      Light, feminine and timelessly chic. Women's hats not only protect you from the cold and wind, but also perfectly complement your outfit. Whether you are the sporty, elegant or trend-conscious type of woman - FRAAS offers hats for women in a variety of materials, shapes and colors - for every style and all seasons.

      The right material for warm heads

      Hats are a feminine year-round accessory. FRAAS manufactures women's hats in a variety of materials so that you can enjoy a comfortable fit and optimum climate comfort at all times. Match the mix of materials to the season and choose the headwear that suits your personality.

      Wool winter hat for women

      A hat for women is indispensable in winter. Virgin wool is the perfect material to keep you warm in winter and quickly regulate moisture. Wear the winter hat for women in everyday life, for winter sports or for a walk in the snow. The natural material impresses with its excellent warmth properties and absorbs melting snowflakes without feeling wet. With integrated fleece, the woolly hat for women keeps your head and ears cosy and warm even in icy temperatures.

      We rely on our loyal supplier in Mongolia to manufacture our fine women's hats: the cashmere goat provides wool of exquisite fineness and with an incomparably soft feel. This exclusive material gives ladies' hats a fine, shiny surface and a particularly supple feel. MatchingWomen's scarves in all variations among othersWool scarves can also be found in our online store.

      Autumn hat for women: fine fibers against wind and rain

      Stormy wind, rain showers and falling leaves? Protect your head with weatherproof hats for women. In autumn, material blends that combine the best properties of wool, viscose and synthetic fibers are particularly impressive. Pure new wool keeps your head pleasantly warm, while fine functional yarns such as polyacrylic keep out wind and moisture. Women's hats lined with soft fleece provide perfect protection in cold, wet autumn storms.

      Comfortable to wear in fashionable colors and shapes

      Simple, classic, unusual: At FRAAS, we appreciate variety. That's why we make hats for women in grey and black as well as Headbands, colorful headwear and patterns in many fashionable variations. With a black cap, ladies are just as stylishly dressed at work as they are on festive occasions. You can combine blue or red ladies' beanies with all kinds of looks.

      A loose-fittingBeanieWomen's beanie is the perfect complement to a casual outfit. Set personal accents and wear a hat that contrasts with the color of your clothing. Or choose harmonizing unicolor ladies' hats in beige, blue or khaki and dress from head to toe in your personal favourite color. Only your taste counts!

      Women's hats in many styles and variations

      Classic or trendy, coarse or fine knit, for summer or winter: Women's hats come in many variations. The FRAAS collection offers just as many choices. Depending on the season, we offer different types of hats:

      • Warm wool hats for fall and winter
      • Fashionable knitted hats for big and small heads
      • Poodle hats or bobble hats as a cozy eye-catcher
      • Beanies for women for a casual outfit
      • Long beanies for a loose fit at the back of the head

      Women's beanies from FRAAS keep you cosy and warm while emphasizing your feminine side. Emphasize your casual style with a beanie hat for women that sits loosely on your head and leaves plenty of room in the long version. They are also comfortable to wear in summer. Poodle hats have a slightly playful look, but women's hats can also have a very elegant character. Finely knitted, a wool hat also goes well with an elegant business outfit with a wool coat and scarf.

      Convenient and secure: buy women's hats online

      Discover our high-quality women's hats and order from the comfort of your own home. We present changing collections in our cap store, which you can use to emphasize your own personal style. Pay conveniently online and look forward to your new favorite hat being sent to you - with free shipping for orders within Germany. As we know that hats bring a lot of joy to women, we are also happy to pack your order in an attractive gift box.

      FAQs on ladies' hats

      Which ladies' hats can you buy at FRAAS?

      In short: Just about all of them! FRAAS ladies' hats come in a variety ofSizes andCuts,Designs und Materialien, colors and patterns. Our range includes thick ladies' hats in plain-coloured chunky knit with a bobble for cold winter days as well as lightweight polyester headwear in elegant black for going to the theater on warm spring nights. Beanies in bright colors and unusual patterns provide the perfect contrast to simple outfits and a casual look with jeans and boots. Cool long beanies, warming bobble hats, unusual eye-catchers - women's hats from FRAAS are a absolute must-have in every season!

      What material should a ladies' hat be made of?

      The most important thing about your headwear: you must feel comfortable with it all aroundcomfortable. That's no problem with a FRAAS ladies' hat: made exclusively from high-quality materials, you're guaranteed to find your favorite piece with us! Choose particularly soft Cashmere or an extra thick Wool blend for cold temperatures, lightweightCotton with a breezy fit for summer or equally first-class quality synthetic fibers against wind and wetness. Whether coarse cable or fine groove pattern: with a FRAAS ladies' hat you are always perfectly styledalways perfectly styled!

      Who can wear ladies' hats?

      Women's caps are versatileAccessories, which every fashionable woman can wear. And it's not just age that matters: our FRAAS hats for women will appeal to casual skaters as well as chairwomen. Thanks to the Design variety FRAAS ladies' caps also suit every face shape - and you can create an individual touch in just a few simple steps: Put your chunky patterned bobble hat far back in your hair or pull the finely ribbed cashmere hat forward onto your forehead - there are no limits to creativityno limits!

      What are the advantages of a ladies' cap?

      FRAAS ladies' hats areTrue all-rounders, because they combineAestheticswithPracticality. With us, you don't have to choose between warm or trendy headwear. Whether you're looking for a cozy winter hat made from our protective wool blend for your skiing vacation, a cooling Beanie hat made from pure cashmere or a breathable functional hat for trail running: You can be sure that your FRAAS women's hat will always provide you with a visual highlight in all your activities. Individually combined with your wardrobe, you are styled in summer and winter, in sneakers and boots aliketrendy!

      How to clean a ladies' hat properly?

      The cleaning of your FRAAS cap for women depends on the Material, but also the degree of soiling. If you have opted for a model made from a Cashmere blend, make sure you wash it by hand in lukewarm water and use a special care product. If you want to air your hat, lay it flat on a flat surface - do not hang it up with clothespins, as this will cause unsightly dents. AlsoVirgin wool is a rather delicate textile that you should not rub or wring out. Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, can be machine-washed without your FRAAS ladies' hat losing any of its Color intensity or Shape.