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      XXL scarf

      Are you looking for a modern accessory for winter? An XXL scarf is a timeless accessory that is also bang on trend. The XXL scarf is characterized by its size. It is wider and, above all, longer. Such a scarf can be up to 2 meters in size - so you can wrap it around your neck twice or even several times.

      The FRAAS range includes both thick and thin scarves. The beautiful models therefore fulfill a dual function. On the one hand, they protect against the cold in winter and on the other, they add a fashionable finishing touch to any outfit in summer. They also serve as protection from the sun or can be converted into a beach towel in an instant.

      With its size and modern patterns, such a large scarf instantly enhances your outfit and makes it a stylish eye-catcher.

      XXL scarf for men

      Large scarves are not only popular with women. Men also like to wear these comfortable and stylish accessories. FRAAS has a large selection of XXL scarves for men. Especially the size and the timeless design convince men of all ages.

      But our proven materials are also convincing - discover an extensive range of XXL scarves for men in various colors, patterns and materials. The offers from our patented Cashmink® are often used as gifts for special occasions. The wide scarf for men looks fashionable and can enhance any outfit.

      XXL scarf for women

      XXL scarves for women are suitable for any outfit. They are versatile and can be tied and combined in different ways. Whether a business look or a casual leisure outfit, there is a matching XXL scarf for women to discover.

      The large selection of patterns, colors and materials from the FRAAS collection leaves nothing to be desired. Whether the scarf is to be worn with a coat to keep warm in everyday life or to set a colorful accent in summer, it always wraps elegantly around the outfit. For the fashion-conscious, there are also models in bright colors and with elaborate patterns to discover - ideal if the scarf is to be the star of the look.

      Thanks to the many different ways to wear it, it brings season-independent variety to the closet. FRAAS has many models for women in its range - you will find something suitable here too.

      XXL scarf tie - how to wear the XXL scarf correctly

      The large scarves are not only a good choice because they are available in many colors and patterns. They can also serve as an eye-catcher for your outfit by being tied in a special way. As the XXL scarf is nice and large, there are many ways to wear it and you can try out different styles.

      We have listed some of the possible ways of wearing such a large scarf for you:

      Plain: If the scarf is wrapped around the neck once or several times, it can be worn with any outfit. The longer the scarf, the more often it can be wrapped around the neck. Thin scarves move when you walk and therefore look very elegant.

      The classic: Whether summer or winter, this look always works - wrap the XXL scarf loosely around your neck and let the ends hang over your shoulders. This instantly creates a real eye-catcher and the scarf emphasizes the face.

      Casual version: It just has to be comfortable from time to time. The large scarves are the perfect choice for this. Here you can casually throw one end of the XXL scarf over your back.

      Braid: Create a real eye-catcher by braiding the scarf. First fold the XXL scarf in the middle, swing the loop around your neck and pull both ends through the loop in a staggered manner.

      Fashionable: If the XXL scarf is doubled around the neck, you can pull the top layer longer and thus have a hood. The hooded look protects your head from the cold in winter and from direct sunlight in summer. And if necessary, a thick scarf also acts as rain protection.

      FRAAS XXL scarf in many colors and patterns

      Do you want to perfectly underline your individual style? Then choose an XXL scarf that suits you and your outfits. FRAAS has XXL scarves in beautiful colors, patterns and materials in its range.

      XXL scarves in muted colors for a classic look

      Are you looking for a scarf for every day and every outfit? Then choose a version in simple colors such as beige, black, white or brown. When it comes to patterns, a classic check is always the right choice. These subtle scarf variations are a high-quality basic that no closet should be without.

      Even bright colors to set accents

      But an XXL scarf doesn't always have to be plain - use bright colors and exciting patterns to make a real fashion statement. This way you can upgrade a simple outfit without too much effort. The extravagant colors and patterns are also very suitable for the evening.

      Large scarf made of many different materials

      FRAAS XXL scarves are available in many high-quality materials, each with its own advantages. Combine several textiles with each other in one outfit. Create a successful mix of texture, color and design to be dressed to the nines at all times. Our XXL scarves are particularly popular, for example, the Cashmink® Offer - the patented material offers a comfortable, cozy feel. At the same time, the material has an elegant look.

      Other materials that FRAAS offers in its range:

      • Cotton - durable and warming
      • Cotton blend - robust and comfortable to wear
      • Cashmere - high-quality and elegant
      • Polyacrylic - ideal for colorful prints
      • Polyamide - easy to care for
      • Silk - elegant and high-quality as well as timelessly beautiful
      • Viscose - modern, hard-wearing material
      • Wool - ideal for cold days
      • Wool blend - suitable for a timeless style

      Buy XXL scarf online at FRAAS

      Would you like to order your new extra-large scarf conveniently online? Then FRAAS has a number of advantages to offer you. FRAAS manufactures most of its XXL scarves in Germany. This ensures short transport routes and a minimized environmental impact. In addition, the goods are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

      FRAAS offers a wide variety of products, with something to suit every taste. Whether you are looking for an elegant gift or want to fill your own closet, you will find what you are looking for at FRAAS.

      FRAAS delivers your order directly to your home within Germany free of shipping costs. Choose from many payment methods for your order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or online.