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      Never have bad hair days again with a decorative hair band

      Hair bands are versatile accessories for every season. Thick wool hair bands are suitable for ice skating in winter. In the warm summer months, you can round off an elegant outfit for a wedding with a festive hair band. The hair bands are real all-rounders. Whether quickly tied into your hair to emphasize a cheeky casual look or incorporated into a lovely hairstyle - a hairband should not be missing from your accessory box.

      Discover hair bands and combination options at FRAAS now. The extensive range has something wonderful to offer for every taste. Create hairstyles with hairbands that perfectly match your style.

      Buy a hairband - what selection can you find in the FRAAS range?

      Are you looking for a hairband for the summer? Then FRAAS offers airy styles made from lightweight materials such as pure cotton. These simple hairbands are available in many colors and shapes. In addition to the classic models with an elastic band, you will also find offers for tying, with Velcro fastener or a press stud. For example, you can adapt a hair band perfectly to the shape of your head for sports.

      Another offer includes chic bandanas that can be worn around more than just the neck. Tie the scarves as you wish and create completely different styles.

      Buy a hair band for winter

      Even in winter, the hair band made of warming materials such as wool or cashmere scores points. The hairband impresses with its great design and many advantages. It not only enhances your outfit, but can also be perfectly integrated into your hairstyle. On cold days, your Head protected from the icy cold, without having to mess up your hair. A hairstyle with a hairband can often be created in just a few simple steps. A hair band hairstyle for short hair can also be created wonderfully.

      Discover a hair band for summer

      You can use a hair band in bright colors in both summer and winter. A hair band in red is also available, as is a classic hair band in white. The wedding hair band is also available in elegant champagne tones.

      Hair bands in bright colors and unusual patterns

      FRAAS offers you a wonderful selection - your favorite color is guaranteed to be included. The hairband is an unbeatable accessory to add variety to your wardrobe. Create a skillful eye-catcher with an eye-catching pattern for your hairband. Dots, flowers or geometric shapes: The choice is varied. Stylized patterns, such as fruits or cacti, are particularly popular.

      High quality meets modern styles - click through our collection and see for yourself.

      Hairstyles with hairbands - adorn your hair

      Simple hairstyles with hairbands are tied in no time at all. A real classic is the High ponytail with hair band. Conjure up a romantic winter look with a braided hairband for a high ponytail.

      A looseUndone-look bun is perfect for summer. Round off an elaborate style with an updo and hairband. For a wedding or a wild party night - it's always a good choice.

      Slightly wavy,Open hair with a floral, light hairband are beautiful for the beach or a casual everyday outfit. A simple hairband with your hair tied back is ideal for the office.

      Hairbands are a quick and easy hairstyle highlight - whatever the season or hair length. If the hair band does not hold in the hairstyle, you can help yourself with simple hair clips. Place these over the hair band at the back of the head. It is always best to secure very narrow hairbands with a few hair clips.

      For which occasions are hairbands the perfect companion?

      There is hardly any reason not to wear a hairband. In everyday life, they make daily hairstyling easier, because a great hairstyle is conjured up without much effort. For hiking and sport, they serve as a functional accessoryprimarily as a functional accessory. Cotton hairbands absorb sweat and release it reliably to keep your head cool. Wedding dresses or beautiful evening gowns can also be perfectly staged with elegant hair bands. So use the hair bands:

      • During sport
      • Im Alltag
      • Zu festlichen Anlässen

      Buy a high-quality hair band - FRAAS is your ideal partner

      A hair band is without question a varied accessory that has something to offer for every taste. Ladies with short and long hair can conjure up wonderful hairstyles with them. What's more, hairbands are also functional during the cold season.

      At FRAAS, you can order the latest top models in just a few clicks. In order to offer fast and secure shipping, we work with DHL. For payment, you can choose fromPayPal, AmazonPay, credit card payment and other options.

      FAQs about hair bands

      Which hair bands can I buy at FRAAS?

      Whether brunette, blonde or redhead, whether garcon cut, bob or long curls: FRAAS hair bands come in a wide-ranging variation of colors, shapes, patterns and materials andmatch any hair style. Airy styles for the summer and warming fabrics for the winter, classic hair ties with elasticated bands as well as options for tying, with Velcro or press studs, fresh spring floral patterns or elegant muted shades: Definitely you too will find the Matching hair band in the FRAAS range.

      How to wear a hair band?

      Hair bandsEnhance any outfit! Wear the variableAccessory asEye-catcher twirled around your head at a party, classically around your forehead against loose strands of hair in your face while jogging or pulled tightly into a ponytail at a business meeting. Twisted into a turban, you'll look a few centimetres taller, while a hair band worn loosely in loose hair is the perfect summery, sporty outfit. Or simply use your FRAAS hairband to Classic hairstyles, like a ponytail or bun.

      How do hairbands hold best?

      Through theHigh-quality workmanshipandpractical features with elastic, press stud or Velcro fastening, FRAAS hair bands naturally provide a good hold. To be one hundred percent on the safe side, you can also use a few tricks: Before tying the popular accessories, use a little hairspray, additionally pin it with hairpins or use a tight-fitting hoop made of rubber or silicone under the hairband. Generally holdwide hair bands particularly well.

      What materials are FRAAS hair bands made of?

      Lightweight polyacrylic for the Summer months, fine silk for the Business lunch, warming cotton for cool fall days or cuddly cashmere for a particularly Comfortable to wear - thanks to the variety of materials in FRAAS hairbands, you will find something for every occasion and for every weather the right accessory. All models can be easily cleaned in lukewarm waterclean and quickly dried in the fresh air. For heavier soiling, apply gentle pressure to the affected areas - do not rub too hard on silk and cashmere so as not to jeopardize the splendour of the color tones.

      How much does a FRAAS hairband cost?

      FRAAS hair bands are available atBest price-performance ratio: Despite using only the best quality fabrics and excellent workmanship, you can find hair bands from the current collection for as little as 25 euros - if you want to make a real Bargain, browse our Sale and enjoy your favorite accessory for less than half the original price. Even if you order a single model for ten euros, delivery is freefree shipping.