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      Knitted gloves from FRAAS

      In the cold season, warm gloves are essential. Knitted gloves from FRAAS are a fashionable accessory and keep your fingers and hands nice and warm even in the cold. Knitted gloves for women not only look beautiful, they also make an evening at the Christmas market or a winter walk a lot more pleasant. Knitted gloves also keep your hands warm on the way to work, while waiting at the bus stop or on the way to the shops. In addition to their warming properties, high-quality knitted gloves from FRAAS also look simply stunning with a winter outfit. The large selection of different colors and styles makes it possible to find the right knitted gloves for every outfit, from sporty looks to business outfits. Knitted gloves from FRAAS add the finishing touch to your winter outfit - discover them now!

      What different knitted gloves are there?

      Knitted gloves from FRAAS are available in different designs. They differ not only in terms of color. The material, cut and shape can also vary.

      The finger gloves

      A finger knitted glove wraps each finger individually. This allows a great deal of freedom of movement so that you can carry out everyday activities such as paying with your wallet without having to take off your gloves. Finger gloves can be combined very well. For example, finger knitted gloves for men go perfectly with a coat. Women like to choose finger gloves for a casual look or for running errands outdoors.

      Fingerless gloves

      Fingerless knitted gloves also wrap each finger individually. However, the fingertips are left free. Knitted gloves without fingertips are particularly suitable if the fingers are also used for fine motor skills in the colder months, such as operating a cell phone or typing on a keyboard. Knitted gloves without fingers go just as well with a winter jacket as with a coat or a light transition jacket.


      Unlike finger gloves, mittens only cover the thumb separately, while the other four fingers are together in one compartment. Although there is not a great deal of freedom of movement, this type of knitted glove keeps the adjacent fingers nice and warm.

      What materials are knitted gloves from FRAAS made from?

      FRAAS offers high-quality knitted gloves made from cashmere and wool blends. The materials differ in their look and feel, but also in their use.

      Knitted gloves made of cashmere

      Cashmere is a soft, hard-wearing material that is very comfortable to wear. Cashmere offers excellent protection from the cold, especially in icy temperatures. The natural material, which comes from the cashmere goat, is one of the highest quality types of wool. Knitted gloves made from cashmere have an elegant look. This is what makes them so versatile. Whether worn with a casual outfit, on the way to work or with a business look, knitted cashmere gloves are a great choice. The natural cashmere fiber is odor- and dirt-repellent and moisture-regulating.

      Knitted gloves made from wool blends

      FRAAS only uses high-quality wool types for knitted gloves made from wool blends. The wool blend combines the benefits of different types of wool, so you can enjoy pleasantly warm knitted gloves. Gloves made from wool blends are particularly easy to care for and durable.

      The perfect accessory for knitted gloves

      Men's knitted gloves fine knit are the perfect accessory for business style. They can be perfectly combined with a scarf or headgear and ensure a serious appearance. Women's knitted gloves go well with woollen hats and woollen scarves. Colourful knitted gloves for women are an eye-catcher with a plain-coloured scarf, while knitted gloves for women in beige can be worn more discreetly with coloured scarves and hats.

      FRAAS offers a wide range of coordinated accessories for winter: Scarves, hats, headbands and knitted gloves. Combine knitted gloves with any other accessories from the FRAAS range. The large selection of different colors and styles allows you to put together your own personal set of winter accessories for the cold season. Browse the store and be perfectly equipped for icy temperatures.

      How to care for knitted gloves properly?

      Cashmere and wool blends need the right care to keep them fresh and hard-wearing for a long time. It is best to wash the knitted gloves by hand. Make sure that the water is not too hot. Do not squeeze the gloves too hard so that they do not lose their shape.

      Can the gloves be washed in the washing machine?

      In the washing machine, you should definitely select the delicate cycle, a low temperature and spin speed. This will ensure that the fibers are not damaged and the gloves keep their shape.

      How should you wash the gloves in the washing machine?

      In addition to low temperatures and a low spin speed, choose special wool detergents. These help to keep the materials fresh and the fibers stable.

      Can the gloves go in the dryer?

      Knitted gloves made of cashmere or wool blends should not go in the dryer. To dry them, lay them flat, preferably on a cloth that absorbs the moisture. They quickly lose their shape when hung up.

      What is the best way to get stains such as mulled wine out?

      To get stubborn stains such as those from mulled wine out of delicate materials, it helps to spray them with shampoo. To avoid damaging the delicate fibers, you should refrain from brushing or soaking. Simply add the shampoo-sprayed knitted gloves to the wash.

      What tips can you use to keep your gloves looking beautiful and wearable for a long time?

      To ensure that you can enjoy your cashmere or wool blend knitted gloves for a long time, we recommend storing them in the wardrobe when they are not in use. In the dark and when dry, they should be folded loosely without applying pressure.

      Knitted gloves from FRAAS Made in Germany

      FRAAS attaches great importance to sustainability in the manufacture of knitted gloves, from the raw materials to production. This is reflected above all in the quality. The knitted gloves from FRAAS have a long service life. Compliance with the highest quality standards means you can enjoy FRAAS knitted gloves for many years to come. Combine the knitted gloves with other products from our range, such as color-coordinated scarves or hats. Order your favorite product from the diverse FRAAS range today and enjoy fast delivery within one to three days. We ship free of charge within Germany. All common payment methods are accepted. Complete your winter outfit with FRAAS now!


      What different knitted gloves are there?

      Knitted gloves are available for women, men and children in the form of fingered gloves, fingerless knitted gloves and mittens. Fingered gloves offer plenty of freedom of movement. Fingerless knitted gloves do not restrict fine motor skills. Mittens keep you nice and warm.

      What materials are FRAAS knitted gloves made of?

      At FRAAS, you can buy knitted gloves made of pure cashmere or wool blends. The natural fiber cashmere ensures warm hands and a comfortable feel. Knitted gloves made from wool blends are easy to care for and very warm.

      How to care for knitted gloves properly?

      Knitted gloves made from wool or cashmere are best cleaned by hand. They can also be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at a low temperature and spin speed.