FRAAS Signature

FRAAS Signature. The new handwriting of the scarf company!

The old saying goes, “Go with the times, or the times will go without you.” We at FRAAS believe that permanence is not a drawback, but an attitude towards manufacturing.FRAAS Signature | THE SCARF COMPANY since 1880.

Since 1880 we have been manufacturing the finest of textiles. Even today we have remained true to our home base in Upper Franconia. Of course, we travel a lot and think and act globally, opening new stores around the world. We travel all the way to Mongolia for the most precious fibres for the best fabric. That’s where our most important supplier lives; the Cashmere goat.FRAAS Signature | THE SCARF COMPANY since 1880.

And yet we are drawn again and again back to Wüstenselbitz, to the source of our DNA. This is where our looms stand and experienced craftsmen are at work; where special artesian wells supply the water for the finishing process of our scarves, known throughout the world.
It’s from this attitude that FRAAS Signature has originated. Signature is distilled from the carefully guarded essence of our expertise. In this new capsule collection the best of 135 years of scarf manufacturing is combined with the ambitions of a leader in the world market.FRAAS Signature | THE SCARF COMPANY since 1880.

When customers purchase Signature, they acquire not only the typical FRAAS product qualities but in addition lasting value: scarves and textile accessories made of the finest fibres of uncompromising quality. No manufacturing process is too much trouble if that’s what it takes to make that special wearing comfort a reality.
Signature bears more than ever the handwriting of FRAAS – The Scarf Company. Every item that is part of an existing special line in the ladies’, men’s or home collections is “Made in Germany” and manufactured in Upper Franconian Wüstenselbitz, or is “Made in Italy” coming from selected Italian manufacturing partners.FRAAS Signature | THE SCARF COMPANY since 1880.

The individual character of Signature is reflected in the POS materials. One notices the distinctive script on the hangtags and their special feel. Both correspond to the high standards of the new capsule from the house of FRAAS.

Signature will become available in the course of the Autumn/Winter range for 2017!